Wealth and Poverty

In Wealth and Poverty there is immense disparity in our societies. A result of distribution of taxes, reforms of our nations and government corruption has lead to this being the case. Many countries, however, do a great job of hiding this from the eyes of the public and the ability to view these particularities on specific demographics. Singapore, being one of the countries that has kept under the radar, has defied societal norms in maintaining decorum in the public eye and being viewed as a diplomatic and environmentally stable and sustainable nation. However, through extensive research and years of having lived in Singapore, it is apparent that that is not what makes a government a peace-keeping and fair political party. When you come into Singapore, in order to avoid the stares of the public and the way in which tourism to Singapore will then effect the economy, you are taken in to the Central Business District. In this way, it is made to seem that Singapore have well distributed money as the district is surrounded by residential areas as well as HDBs (government loaned housing regions). As a result of this Singapore is the 7th least corrupt country; however, the hard reality is that 26% of the population live under the poverty line. COntrary to popular belief

What is my Portfolio for?

This portfolio will hold information regarding my activities, service and academic related encounters throughout my High School experience at United World College of South East Asia. Many of the forms of media that you will see here – being photos, videos, surveys or type-ups – will be a collation of my time in various classes or clubs that will end up concisely phrasing what I liked about those particular experiences and what I feel like I have gotten out of being an active participant in those courses.

Because UWC is a school that opens us to so many new endeavours and activities, you will be able to get an outlook on what it is like to be able to gain perspective and knowledge through these courses.

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