Youngwoo Sim Emotional Intelligence – my musings around goal setting

Admire Dislike







-Thoughtful of others

-Always confident 



-Not giving up 


-Devoted to family 












– Slothful 


– Tardiness 


-Short temper 

-Lack of organization 


-Poor time management 















This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of consistency, friendliness and honesty. This is important because it is essential skills for IB and also in life. This will help me to build strong relationships with friends, teachers and family. This will help others to make me easily approachable. I dislike unfriendliness,  poor time management and lack of organization. I can see some lack of organization in myself. This bothers me of writing my portfolio and doing homeworks. I can overcome this by using self-made time table.

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