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Youngwoo Sim Emotional Intelligence – my musings around goal setting

Admire Dislike







-Thoughtful of others

-Always confident 



-Not giving up 


-Devoted to family 












– Slothful 


– Tardiness 


-Short temper 

-Lack of organization 


-Poor time management 















This year, I would like to develop the skill/quality of consistency, friendliness and honesty. This is important because it is essential skills for IB and also in life. This will help me to build strong relationships with friends, teachers and family. This will help others to make me easily approachable. I dislike unfriendliness,  poor time management and lack of organization. I can see some lack of organization in myself. This bothers me of writing my portfolio and doing homeworks. I can overcome this by using self-made time table.

Do you want to live forever?

Dear Swayam 


Immortality is a never-ending life. You may survive the death of society, the country, the whole human race, and the earth itself. You may outlive the entire universe as infinity is a very long time. In mortal life, people use life well and everything will be meaningful. While the immortal life many of the time will be spent wastefully as there no end to this life cycle. Death and life are two sides of the same coin, a constant cycle, a pulse in a wide spectrum of light. Life without death is like inhaling without exhaling. Furthermore, immortality isn’t living forever. That’s not what it feels like. Immortality is when everyone else is dying. This means that living forever will make it impossible to form any kind of relationship. 


Dying would make myself free from the weariness of time. When I live forever my mind would break down and yet become emotionless. I would meet people, become friends with them, get close, and build meaningful relationships but then all of the people who are taking an important role in my life would die from old age leaving me alone. I would witness the death of my family members and experience the next generation of my family and then witnessing the death of these generations too. All the death will exhaust me or maybe I’d be numb to death. Living forever seems enticing because there are many more things to explore and learn, to never be trapped by the “time” and never worried about running out of time because immortality time would be endless. However, after you have lived for say, 2000 years, traveling the world will become another meaningless task. Immortality will also potentially make you the smartest human beings, being able to explore and experience so much than the average person with the approximately 80-year life span. You’d be a walking history book after a thousand years. But then, I would be treated as a human exhibition, rare because I’m immortal. It feels like a scientist will lock me down in the laboratory and be used as a test subject for many experiments. 


Personally, I would not want to live forever because it would be hard to see the people around me die and leave me. Immortality we don’t need to worry about running out of time but for infinite years it would be meaningless and lonely. 


Sincerely John

Nazi book burning


The act of burning books wasn’t held by individuals, it was held nationally as a campaign in Germany. I believe that most of the people who participated in this campaign were more likely to be brainwashed by the Nazi governement. Beginning on May 10, 1933, Nazi-dominated sutdent groups carried out public burnings of books they claimed were “un-german”. The books that were being burnt are mostly the foreign literature, especially jewishes. This was to purify the german literature and was a similar as holocaust as German  tried to sweep out all the jewish in their country and whole across the purify there race and country. 


Certain types of books can give a threat to certain governments as when the time before our digital age that we all can individually access information with our mobile devices the time back then the books was the only option for the people to gain knowledge. For dictatorships, governments keeping people away from knowledge makes them easier to rule over them because the people don’t know what is happening. Furthermore, books that are criticizing against the government ideology is very dangerous for the government as people could question themselves whether this ideology is correct or not. 

Freedom of speech

I think freedom of speech is needed but it should be regulated to a certain extent. Is to prevent the spread of fake news and to prevent the country from believing in false rumours.

Freedom of expression is a fundamental human right. It reinforces all other human rights, allowing society to develop and progress. The ability to express our opinion and speak freely is essential to bring about change in society. Free speech is a fundamental human right. It reinforces all other human rights and allowing society to make progress. The chance of express individual opinion and speak freely is essential to bring change in society. Free speech allows people not only to speak but to listen to others and allow the views to be heard.

Censorship takes place in every country all around the world. However, not all countries share the same forms of censorship and same amounts of censorship but I believe in one way or another it is highly affecting the societies.

Mostly censorship occurs in a different types of media like books, music, films, art, social media, video, radio and television. Many of them is to control the national security, obscenity, child pornography and hate speech and to protect the vulnerable groups in the society like children. Furthermore, to restrict religious and political views and to prevent libel.


CREST: A Reflection

I was really excited when I first heard that we would be doing a CREST project and our choice of topic is completely free. I always wanted to have a deep research into some part of science I was interested in. However, I was also worried that I would be struggling to choose the topic. I’m doing physics and chemistry next year of IB so I wanted to do a topic that is related to them. So I decided to do nuclear fission/nuclear energy.

After I choose my topic I started to think about some questions. Then I reached to a decision , which is “Can nuclear energy solve global warming and save humanity?’ I have thought about this question because many people think that nuclear energy is dangerous and it is harmful for the humanity due to some of its tragic accidents.

The next step I’m researching this project with detail. I need to gather up articles and information from reliable sources and finish my bibliography and citation before I can begin the rest. The time management is my biggest challenge because I mostly wait to do everything inch before the deadline.  Which make my work in a low quality as I wouldn’t get to put my maximum effort to the project.  I’m planning out the time to set myself to finish the task.

Does advertisement is corrupting and manipulative influence in our lives.

Advertisement is highly essential for any type of start up business or even to a dominant firm in the market. It aren’t inherently bad, but many of them are using manipulative tricks that is secretly influence in ways we spend. Despite how much the consumer ignore  and how little they believe it will affect them, that is not the point I want to bring up. Advertisement manipulate people by using the time when we are not prepared to think-and often we are not when we are watching television or reading a magazine. Since the consumer is being so passive they don’t even realize they are being manipulating by the company. According to American credit card counsellor they carry over 1.7 trillion dollars in total debt. That are approximately 9000 american dollars per household. However, even the spending has surpass the personal ability to pay it back the desire to spend doesn’t decrease at all-this turns out to be a big problem. It is very hard to get rid of debt when the desire to spend still exist and this is highly because of the constant advertisement that want people to buy more things that they can’t afford.

Women’s right

” A woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine society, with laws framed by men and with a judicial system that judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view.”

To what extent are Ibsen’s word still true today?

To a certain extent, Henrik Iben’s word still takes place in today’s world as there are many nations where gender inequality is still prevalent. However, his words are not completely true in the present day. Globally, women’s rights have been in the spotlight and many countries are aiming to resolve all the problems related to women’s rights. 


Even today, there are still many countries that restrict women’s rights, mostly due to religious aspects as seen in Middle Eastern countries. One pertinent country would be Saudi Arabia where there are wage gaps up to 56 percent and women cannot even travel “without male consent.” In addition, they have no freedom to choose a marriage partner and they have the highest women unemployment rate in the world. Much of these inequalities stem from a society that is guided heavily by religious guidelines. Besides the Middle East, even places like Singapore have gender inequality to some extent. According to The Straits Times, women in Singapore earn 13 percent less than men as the gender wage gap still persists. Perhaps this can be explained by the difference in education and experiences. However, some are paid less simply because they are female. This means that the unexplained wage gap could be attributed to factors such as workplace bias. 


However, Due to Many developed nations fighting hard for equal rights socially and in the workplace gender inequality has come a long way since the early 20th century. For example in Canada, one of the most developed countries in terms of human rights and equality, they have already had a long history of creating gender equality throughout their society: “It’s been 103 years since women were allowed to vote in elections.” This quote shows that Canada has already made progress with women’s rights while other countries were not even close. Moreover, compared to many other countries Canada’s wage gap is less: “84 cents for every $1 earned by men for the same job.” Even though there might be a slight wage gap, access to education is equal, which can lead to opportunities for higher-level employment. Therefore, the wage gap might just be an indicator of women being at a slight disadvantage to their male counterparts perhaps due to having children and fulfilling parent duties that could interrupt their career.