Why is media not a new idea?

In digital perspectives we had a project that all of us had to do. We did an activity in class where all of us checked the apps we use the maximum and all the students used social media significantly more than other apps. We then had to investigate on the evolution of a certain something and I learnt a variety of new things. Through the investigation and reading other peoples posts about evolution, i found out that media is not a new idea. My investigation was on the evolution of media. According to me and my investigation i feel that media is something that has been evolving due to the technological advancements. In the past we had a pocket clock, a notepad for our notes, a calendar, a landline, photos. Which over the years all of them came into one device where we can access all of this and can have them in one place.

Something that i found astonishing was that in the early days, pigeons used to deliver messages and then over the years due to technological advancements, the bakelite phone came which belonged to each house in the olden days and then finally in 1973 Martin Cooper came up with the hand held mobile. After the discovery of the hand held phone,  technological advancements moved rather fast and various forms of media came out which helped the world develop a significant amount and here we are today in the world full of social media, waiting for new discoveries that shock us and make the world a new place.

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