Why is media not a new idea?

In digital perspectives we had a project that all of us had to do. We did an activity in class where all of us checked the apps we use the maximum and all the students used social media significantly more than other apps. We then had to investigate on the evolution of a certain something and I learnt a variety of new things. Through the investigation and reading other peoples posts about evolution, i found out that media is not a new idea. My investigation was on the evolution of media. According to me and my investigation i feel that media is something that has been evolving due to the technological advancements. In the past we had a pocket clock, a notepad for our notes, a calendar, a landline, photos. Which over the years all of them came into one device where we can access all of this and can have them in one place.

Something that i found astonishing was that in the early days, pigeons used to deliver messages and then over the years due to technological advancements, the bakelite phone came which belonged to each house in the olden days and then finally in 1973 Martin Cooper came up with the hand held mobile. After the discovery of the hand held phone,  technological advancements moved rather fast and various forms of media came out which helped the world develop a significant amount and here we are today in the world full of social media, waiting for new discoveries that shock us and make the world a new place.

Mindfulness and how to lead a balanced life

“Only nothing can enter into no space” a quote I read a few weeks ago and ever since  it always replays on my mind. Sometimes a person thinks the more occupied they are the better it is, however in this process you tend to gradually lose a sense of yourself. To lead a normal stress-free life it is important to understand what your body requires and how your mind works. We shouldn’t give our selves or our brain  any pressure because we give our thoughts too much power and the actions aren’t positive on our body as we tend to exhaust ourselves way too much when our mind takes over and we start overthinking.

In order to lead a peaceful and enlightened life we must be mindful and practise activities that help our brain and ourselves relax. The fastest way to build up a strong level of mindfulness in you life is by developing meditation practise. One’s ultimate goal should be to implement it into their day to day life and to enjoy it and challenge themselves to do longer stretches of clear and peaceful attention to the present moment. If a person is restless or doesn’t have the patience to sit and meditate, they should do mindful waking which is intending to bring mindfulness into the very first moments of your day and living in the moment instead of waking up with the worst mood, not wanting to start your day and slamming the alarm. Try to think about how you could make your day better and be happy  instead of thinking about what test you have. You could also do mindful eating, no matter what meal your having remind yourself to come back into the moment, it will also help you into being more conscious about what food is going into your body and how you could notice the delicious tastes and smell in a mouthful of food and enjoying every bite of it. In this generation very few of us go outdoors but you must do whatever is of your interest and do it mindfully think about every step, think about what you enjoy and put your entire heart into it.

When listening to another person we are often physically present , but not mentally present. Very often, we are not focusing on listening to them; we are caught up in our own mind chatter. We judge what they are saying, mentally agreeing or disagreeing, or we think about what we want to say next. Next time when your talking to someone focus all of your attention on the other person. You’ll be amazed at the power of listening; it’s an act of love and kindness. People appreciate it deeply when you truly listen to them. You’ll also find that they’ll listen to you more fully when you speak and you can understand and express a lot more that way

Many of us rarely allow ourselves to slow down and be fully present for the precious moments of our lives, and we’re shortchanging our lives living like that. Physically slowing down helps us to mentally slow down. We get more pleasure out of life when we slow down like this. Take some time out to eat a meal and really connect with your family and friends and try not to be on your phone.

Nowadays the catch phrase has become “multi-tasking.” Some people boast of their multitasking abilities on their resumes or at job interviews, others do it among friends and family as they talk about the things they try to get done in a day. There is a myth that multitasking make us more productive; in reality, it drains us faster. Trying to spread our attention so thin and keep up with so many things makes us more prone to mistakes. We’re not more productive; we’re just busier, both mentally and physically, exhausting ourselves needlessly.

Try changing your focus to doing just one thing at a time. Take on each task with full awareness, one by one. When mindfully doing a task, you’re less prone to rushing, mistakes or forgetting details. You’ll find you can be more efficient with the task, and finish it without feeling worn out or tense. And always remember life is not a to-do list, you’re meant to enjoy every minute of it.

Especially growing teens need to be mindful because of the several mood swings they get every minute and the various thoughts that provoke them into overthinking which leads to anxiety. Mindfulness meditation is a growth of a person’s perception at the present time and some people think it is a unique way to overcome anxiety and discover great wisdoms in our minds. A person who practices this tries to get rid of unwanted thoughts. Mindfulness is one of the best things a human can do when it comes to relieving stress and people who think alcohol consumption would do the same, yes you’re right it would give you temporary happiness but it would damage your system and health, however mindfulness makes you a positive person, relieves stress and makes you stay healthy.


1.) I reached the campus on 9th morning, thats when orientation week had begun. It was very over whelming to see so many people from such diverse cultures and so many different countries getting along with one another.  Even though so many new students weren’t fluent in english we played games and interacted in other ways. Orientation week was extremely eventful, all the new students got to know each other over activities like morning walks beside the lake, going to marina bay sands, ice breakers, pool party, and beach clean up. Since i’m a boarder, i do have a room mate and i had a sigh of relief when i met her as we got along well. School has been suprisingly good as the teachers are really  engaging, they provoke our thoughts and help us think out of the box which my previous school hadn’t ever taught me. The past two weeks have been prodigious and i cant wait to take up the opportunities UWCSEA has to offer, learn new things, become a better human being and contribute to the society in every way i can.

2.) According to me the coming year seems to be really eventful as i’m starting a new journey at uwcsea, a school I’ve been wanting to go for since grade six. This year learning new things, participating in culturama and different activities, doing service,  and getting know more people from different cultures and gaining knowledge about their cultures and countries seems to be the potential highlight for me.

Since I’m coming from a private school in new delhi, it is extremely different from UWCSEA in every way possible so adapting to the new system, engaging with people, competing with people as the people here are competitive and focused, succeeding in the opportunities i take up, managing my time between academics, activities, hobbies, service and my social life can be my potential obstacles in this upcoming year.


Hi! I’m Amayra and welcome to my UWCSEA portfolio. I will be sharing my experiences at this school, random blogs and pictures from my vacation and back home. I hope you enjoy it <3