Math and Me

My name is Jai Singhal and I have done Math and Add math for my IGCSE course. When I was 8 my family moved to India, to live with my grandparents. Ever since my grandfather and I have shared a relationship of a riddler and his curious volunteer. That was the beginning of my journey in Mathematics. Every new math topic gives me a feeling of adventure and a fuzziness from within as I tread further along this route introduced to me by my mentor ( my grandfather). I like to work things out for myself but someone explaining thinks to me does really speed up the process. Whenever I feel I’m stuck I normally try to judge my own working till that point and if that doesn’t do it then I ask for help. My biggest strength in learning math has to be persistence. However, organising my ideas might be the biggest area of focus for my mathematics in the first weeks. One thing I would want my teachers to know is that quite frequently it takes me a bit more time to grasp topics and understand new concepts. Also while trying to understand sometimes I confuse others due to my questions. I am sorry for if this happens in the future. However, I am really looking forward to these two years working with you’ll.

3 Things I know about UWCSEA life now

Today I learnt that UWCSEA life involves a lot of student organised meetings and conferences. Global concerns and most other services are student organised and therefore I will get great opportunities to meet new people and learn.

Secondly I learnt that UWC life requires one to speak in public and try to inspire others to build leadership qualities. Although I have stage freight I am really interested in this aspect of UWC life.

Finally I realised that there are so many opportunities at UWC that not participating is a huge waste of opportunity.

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