Human Rights Day Reflection- A Student’s Perspective

For Humans Rights Day 2020, Amala had a vision into informing the middle and junior school about Amala as an organisation. They also wanted to enlighten the students as to how exactly not providing education is a violation of a human right and how the blended learning program aims to diminish that unavailability to refugees all around the world. After two weeks of dedicated work on the respective presentations subjective to the two student groups, we were ready to present this to the head of grades…

However, all didn’t really go as well as we were hoping it was going to. Even with the exceptional presentations and the layout, all figured out, there was a myriad of other services that too had the same mindset of showcasing their GC’s as well which is why the time slots for presentations had all been filled up. As sad as that was, it was a great learning opportunity for the group as it helped us see and work on areas we could do better for when we did get to put the posters up after the Chinese New Break.

It wasn’t a really heart-wrenching experience but all the more we grew and overcame any issues that could arise after speaking with Mr Hannah.

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