Voice-Over 2022 Amala Event

Over the week of World Education Day, the Amala recorded voice-overs of articles apart of the Amala High School Diploma Course: Powerful Narratives (Amala’s equivalent of English). We hope that by narrating these articles, we will allow students to fully focus on accessing the information and help them overcome the challenges that come with reading in their non-native language. As part of this, we have arranged an event titled Voice-Over 2022 on the week of the 24th-28th of January, where many students came during lunchtimes and after school to record these articles. We were able to record 21 articles with over 13 different voices from our school community.

We believe that the event was a huge resounding success in both the logistical and organizational aspects of the event. While we still have 18 articles to record for Amala’s Powerful Narratives Course and we certainly plan to complete all of them before the end of the academic year.

An example is attached here that we recorded before the event and look at our more recent posts for a voice-recording 

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