What is Sky School?

When Amala was founded, it was founded under the name Sky School. However, due to intellectual property issues, the organisation has changed its name to Amala. The name is inspired by the Arabic word for both “hope” and “bird”, reflecting the hope and opportunity that the Amala’s education provides.

Who does Amala support?

Courses are for displaced youth aged 16-25. The courses are developed to guide students to use the skills they develop to create positive change in their communities.

Besides Amala’s students, Amala’s work positively impacts local facilitators who undergo training through Amala. In addition, the student group is continuing to gain valuable skills and learn about being educational changemakers

What language are the classes in?

The classes are in English because among displaced populations, English is considered to be a language of change and opportunity. With a diverse group of students in every cohort, English is the language that they all share. Amala has an “English for Changemakers” course that aims to help students improve their English so they can access other Amala courses.

Are Amala courses free?

The courses and the diploma programme is free of charge for students. Currently, Amala relies on donations to fund the courses and their development.

Who founded Amala?

Amala was founded by two UWC alumni: Polly Akhurst (UWC Adriatic) and Mia Eskelund Pedersen (UWC Mahindra).

How do I join the student group?

If you are a UWCSEA East G8 student, we will be starting the application process in May/June. However, we are always interested to hear from other students throughout the year; just send us a quick email at easthsamala@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg