What We Do

Our goals

  • raise awareness about Amala’s work
  • advocate for education for displaced youth
  • stay updated on refugee news
  • build our capacity as changemakers


Supporting curriculum development

One direct way that we support Amala is by contributing to curriculum development. Many of us have participated in curriculum hackathons where we worked with other educators and refugee learners to develop the courses. We are also in the process of proofreading courses to make sure the English is accessible for students.

Awareness raising

We have helped to raise awareness about Amala through events such as the service fair and speaking at an MUN conference. We have also hosted a Q&A session with the founders of Amala and Daniel, who helped set up the learning hub in Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya. 

One of our favourite events involved joining a G1 class; after a fruitful discussion on the similarities and differences between our lives and those of displaced youth, the G1 students wrote letters to Amala students.

Our Reflections

Write For Rights SWOT Analysis

Following our collaboration with Voices for Refugees and Traffick Light to host the event “Write For Rights”, we took some time to reflect upon the experience as a whole and the possible areas for improvement and opportunities going forward. Strengths:...

Human Rights Day Reflection- A Student’s Perspective

For Humans Rights Day 2020, Amala had a vision into informing the middle and junior school about Amala as an organisation. They also wanted to enlighten the students as to how exactly not providing education is a violation of a human right and how the blended learning...

Amala through Remote Learning – Aakash Namboodiri

My first experiences as a part of the Amala Focus Group started off online as a remote learner. Having been at UWCSEA East for many years already, I was aware of Amala and its cause and I had always been eager to be a part of it. My first few sessions as a part of the...

Team Building and Leadership

By Khushi Raju A few weeks ago, Anoushka and I were given a chance to lead our first session which was centred around team building. In the mind map below, you can see an overview of the activities we conducted and some things that upon reflection we have realise...

Creating a culture of collaboration

A significant part of Sky School’s work is centred around the understanding that everyone’s experiences, regardless of educational level, matters. Although I have been part of many GC groups, personally, the atmosphere is what makes the Sky School student...