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Green issues are the new imperative of the 21st century. UWCSEA issues a rallying call to the community to join forces and help create a more sustainable future.

The College has an exciting programme of initiatives that ensure environmental stewardship is a major part of every child’s education and helps create a greener tomorrow.

Solar for UWCSEA is one of the flagship projects, where the whole College community is invited to get involved and help reduce the College’s carbon footprint whilst building the knowledge and passion of the next generation of environmental champions.

Inspired by the successful Solar for Dover programme, the Solar for East project is a student-run initiative to harness the power of the Singapore sun and create clean energy to light up our classrooms.

 The Solar for East team is fired up, and excitement is running high. Their goal is ambitious:

 Installing 1,130 panels.

 Click here to help make the Solar for East programme a reality – and a brighter future for all. 

Adopt a panel for $600, or part of a panel from just $100. Donors can customise their panels and invited to clamber up onto the rooftops to help install them.

Fundraising for Phase 1 launched in 2018 and the first batch of installations began early 2019.

Key facts

Despite East campus’ renowned green standards, we rely on unsustainable, grid-supplied energy – consuming nearly 6000 MWh of electricity and emitting 2.5million kilograms of CO2 every year.

Installing the planned 1130 solar panels would save almost 4 million kilograms of Carbon Dioxide from being emitted into the atmosphere, and yield 9.3 million kilowatt hours of clean energy!


– Installation of 1,130 panels on 4 locations on either side of blocks B and C.
– Combined capacity will be 322kWp and an annual yield of 373,000kWh.
– Savings of 7% of the College’s annual energy expenditure, an average of nearly $75,000 dollars (assuming an energy tariff of SG$0.20/kWh).
– Saving 173,000kg of carbon from being emitted into the atmosphere annually.

Phase 1 figures: Installing 180 panels

– CO2 emissions avoided annually: 29 tonnes
– Equivalent to 74 flights from Singapore to Tokyo
– PV generated energy covers the consumption of 14 HDB four bedroom households
– Average Daily PV Generation: 181kWh
– Installation planned for January 2019

Where will the panels go?

Blocks B and C (4 locations):

      • C West – 180 panels
      • C East – 210 panels
      • B West – 360 panels
      • B East – 380 panels

Map of the UWCSEA East campus

Would you like to know more? Our team has compiled this detailed document.