Which lesson from gaming culture could be used in Gpers

I think game culture can be used in Global perspective because it had evolved a lot in the past decade, due to improvements on technology. For example,  one thing that can be researched in is that “do video game stereotypes hurt men”. Because men are always pictured as muscular and strong body image. Another thing That I think can be a controversial to discuss is that why can women can’t be the protectors? Is it because women are often perceived being always less powerful than men?

Andy’s Personal Statement

My name is Andy, and this is my personal statement. Grade 9 had been a fun year. I had always loved basketball, it is my favorite sport of all times. However I did not have time to join the basketball team back in Grade 8, but I took my chance in Grade 9 and joined. I have great fun there. We had routined training thrice a week, and also played tournaments around Singapore against other schools, even though we did not win every single match, I made lots of friends, which would not have been possible without  So, through basketball, I not only had a great time but also had more social opportunities.

The second highlight that I would like to mention is my Grade 9 end of year exam. I have never taken an actual exam, so this time is my first time taking an exam, and it is the real deal. I was a bit nervous at the start because I did not know how it is going to turn out. But as I sat down and started doing the papers, I realized it is actually not as hard as what I thought and the exam was actually not that ” scary” (PS: the air conditioner was super cold). Afterall, the exam went very smooth and my results were at least satisfactory.

As I am coming to the end of Grade 9, I hope Grade 10 will be as enjoyable as grade 9 for me.

My still perspective

After this class’s researches and all the discussions with my friends. My perspective remains unchanged. I support the quote that:” Should UWC students make game study compulsory?”  I think games help develop a student’s logic thinking when the students are in the game, they could be trained logically on how to solve problems in the game. Furthermore, a game also help develop a student’s empathic, when the student is being put in the situation, they will be able to feel what the character is feeling.

Andy’s Featured Article – Robyn Hayes

                                                                                 Talking Photos of Robyn Hayes


  “Robyne Hayes”

The Powerful Photographs

From East African grasslands to Southeast Asian rainforests, from ponds filled with crocodiles to anaconda circled trees, Robyne’s footsteps have covered two continents. It may seem like Robyne travels just like everyone else, eating pleasant food, seeing exotic scenery… however if one takes a closer look, it will reveal a different story.

Does the suffering of strangers concerns you? It certainly does for Robyn Hayes. In fact, it leaves such a toll on her that she decided to do something about it. She has been a social justice photographer since 2010 who targets on child marriage in third world countries. “Photography is powerful.In an instant, a single image can create empathy, heighten awareness and be the catalyst for change” Robyne believes photography is a tool which empowers people and communities. A photograph not only gives you the visual image, but it also leaves a mark in your heart and sometimes even changes the way people think. “Photographs tell a story” that is what she believes in, “By telling their stories, lives can be transformed, both for those who tell them and for those who are listening.” Robyne sees tales that are told by photos as a tool to break barriers, stereotypes, rebuild relationships and teaches life-changing lessons.

“Young brides from an Ethiopian village”


Photographs tell a story

Why did she choose photos? Are photos something that she uses to communicate?

Life isn’t easy for the girls living in countries she visited. Take the girls that she is currently helping in Ethiopia as an example. They barely have any rights in their community, their values within the family are only seen by their ability to accomplish daily chores and their roles of childbearing. Furthermore, keeping too many children in the family will cause everyone to have insufficient food. This was the reason that girls were married at such a young age.

These girls in the picture were forcefully married to another male by their parents. This isn’t rare at all in Ethiopia, a shockingly ⅕ of girls are married before the age of 15, often to men who are 9 years older. Due to a traditional inequality present between the two genders, Ethiopian women had to do everything that they were told, which includes staying at home all day long while their husbands work in the fields. Some of them never left the house after marriage. A result of this was that schooling became almost impossible, they knew little about the outside world.

“Girls using cameras for the first time during the PhotoVoice project”


Photographs create changes

Robyne Hayes understands how deeply these traditions are being planted into the mindsets of Ethiopians, so she approached these societies with consideration, understanding, and respect. She then changes how she interacts based on their responses, whether they are willing to change or to stay how they were. In particular, one of the most successful and the most recent project that she had launched was the Photovoice Project. Robyne gathered cameras and gave them to Ethiopian child brides, and told them to take any picture that they think is valuable. To many of them, it is their first time using a camera.

I tell stories of change, highlighting the enormous potential of people to persevere and thrive even in the most challenging circumstances.” Robyne believes that by giving these child brides cameras, they are able to communicate to others, their aspect of life and tell stories of their own. From these stories, she will then spark new mindsets and push for changes. At the end of the 10 days event, significant changes took place in these Ethiopian communities as gender roles became more equal. One of the participants said:” People in my family started treating me with respect and sometimes even my husband helped me with house chores.”  

“This is my husband helping me bake injera. Every week when I baked injera, he would also bake one to learn how to do it and he is proud of doing it.” – Zewdye


The stories continue

Robyne took photos of this world not to show how ugly it is, but to tell stories of hope and ways we can change it for the better. “My passion for storytelling has taken me across the globe, where I have met amazing people and I am moved by their spirit, honesty, and perseverance.” Her empathy and openness allowed her to see the commonality between strangers and her photos is like a window, offering a glimpse of the covert part of this world. Of course, her journey doesn’t end here, and her photos will continue telling their stories. Stories which are read by people from all around the world, people like you and I.


DPers Inquiry Post

The question that I might ask is “Is social media becoming more and more like a business platform, which might change it formerly being a tool for communication? ” By using the 8 Team Single Elimination method, I got my final question and statement, it helped me in choosing which one is the most relevant and significant. Also by discussing with my friends, I am able to find out what other people think about the statement, and how they have different points of view. This question will invite further conversation by asking if making social media will be more beneficial for the general public. 

Steve Dawson Reflection

Steve Dawson was the first author that gave a speech to us during writer’s fortnight. When he was a child, sports were the main thing of his life, and not exactly academics. As he grew up, he became an accountant, he had that job for a fairly amount of time, before realizing that it is not what he really wanted. Chasing after his childhood dreams, he signed up to be a sports writer, it did not change ever since. During the speech, he gave us a few tips on how to conduct the best interviews in all aspects, for you and your interviewee.

  • Ask open-ended questions so that the interviewee has more freedom to answer and a more complex answer.
  • Set the answers free, don’t restrict, because tremendously open questions get great answers.
  • Do not interrupt, never.
  • Do not ask double-barreled questions, which is two questions combined in one.
  • Listen closely to the answer, because it might change your next question.
  • HAve distinctive and angles or points of view which differs yourself from other people.
  • Ask straight-forward and smart questions to people who are not in a good mood, be symmetrical and patient.

My ATLs Reflection

High school is not the same as Middle school, so I pretty much spent the whole of last term getting used to how high school works and the changes to our academic subjects. From my ATLs, I see a dip in my self -management, so I think maybe that is the thing that I need to put effort into and improve on. One of the things that I can do to improve on it is to manage all my study materials effectively .Another thing I need to improve on is my communication, to achieve that, I can examine whatever feed backs I get and examine them thoroughly to make changes.

Letter to future me

Dear the future Andy:

                              By the time you are reading this,time has passed,you have probably changed as well.but you will never forget the first week of Grade 9 at UWCSEA.It was like a big jumbo mix of different feelings. Excitement , curiosity , anticipation and many others.

     The school felt the same,the places you used to hang out with your friends in grade 8 felt same. However new teachers,plenty of new classmates, new classrooms……All of these made me feel like a newbie to the school .Getting use to the “new” environment is another issue. Not everyone in your old class is in you new class. So we can’t just cling onto our old friendships and form a circle of resistance to the new people around us. From the faces of the newcomers, I kind of see myself during the first few of my days here.I don’t really have much stuff to say for now. Hope when you are reading this in the future,you will have an idea of my first few days at grade 9. (‘u’)


       Lots of love    


        Andy Song    27 Aug 2017


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