A reflection of Season 1 and 2

Throughout the past few weeks this service has taught me a lot and I have experienced new things. Talking to the elderly taught me a lot about the struggles and the upsides of being an elderly in Singapore. It made me think about the future of Singapore and how the elderly aren’t supported well enough in Singapore however Peacehaven does do a great job as I see them providing meals, setting up timetables for activities which fosters collaboration and communication within the elderly and us and makes more engaging and worthwhile. I think as UWC in Peacehaven we have a positive impact as we go in motivated trying to engage and talk to them as well as ask them questions to help brighten their day and ours. Often they liked talking about life and history of Singapore and we were also quite intrigued by their personal experiences.

As for the activities that we did there, we utilised the spider gym with certain more functioning and potentially physically abled folks. That was quite fun even for us seeing them do activities and smiling, and I feel that it taught me to respect the elders and give attention to people who are in the elder population. Furthermore, things like bowling activities were extremely engaging and useful to create a nice and more sustainable environment.

Overall I would say the experience has been great, I have learned a lot and I feel great helping and engaging with the older population of our home country.

By .- Varun Shah

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