End of Season 2 reflection

Throughout the past few weeks, we have been going to an elderly persons day care center, at first the whole experience was a bit overwhelming just because there was such a diverse set of personalities. Some of the clients were extremely energetic and forward going while others not so much. After visiting the center multiple times it was a lot easier to identify what each person wanted as we began to learn about the personalities and needs of each client. At this point I feel like our impact was greatest as we were able to design our time in a way that best complimented the needs of the elderly people. One of the highlights of my experience so far was conversing with a man named, Mr. Lim, he wasn’t too energetic but he seemed to enjoy our presence and make an effort to communicate, seeing his smile each time we walked in reassured me that what we were doing was actually making a difference.
Winston Shyan Nesfield

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