Origami at Music Soundbeam Peacehaven Bedok Day Center

For the past 3 weeks at the Peacehaven Bedok Day Center, we have been doing origami with our clients. We decided to do origami since through research we had come across that it helps the elderly relax and unwind. This activity also enabled us to give them something they could take home with them. Although in the start we were struggling to do it properly. Since it was the first session we had not done anything like that before, we realized the huge drawbacks of a language barrier and also realized that what we had prepared was too difficult for their level of motor skills. It was tough to show them how to do it but because of their interest and enthusiasm and a little bit of improvisation, we were able to make origami butterflies with our clients. We did realize that although it was difficult for them they still enjoyed it and so we decided to continue with this activity the next time we come. Some of the takeaways from this first session were that language barrier although difficult can be overcome, and let us know about the level of origami our clients could execute, last but not the least it also showed us what a little bit of collaboration and extra effort can achieve.

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