This is YMCA Service

Our service works with the YMCA Student Care Center, which takes care of children whose parents are unable to take care of them during their working hours. These children are from low socio-economic backgrounds and don’t often get opportunities to play, learn and socialise with other children their age. In our service we invite to our campus groups of children from the center and host activities that engage them physically. We think it is important for the children to obtain the necessary physical exercise that they need and so we concentrate our activities on sports and other active games. We also try to incorporate educational ideas in the form of active activities. Our service works together closely to craft the best possible activities that we believe will benefit the kids to the fullest and that they will enjoy the most. 


The children learn new games, new ideas and practice their communication skills but most of all they have fun and get the needed physical exercise. They always leave our weekly sessions with a smile on their face which in the end is the best result we can achieve.