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Reflection from a grade 11 student

“These past few weeks we have finally had the chance to begin hosting the sessions with the kids! They have been coming to the school for5 weeks in a row and I have been super impressed with their enthusiasms and joy to be with us. Every-time we announce an activity they are so excited to get started and it’s really nice to see that what we are doing actually is enjoyable and beneficial to them.

So far we have had no major problems with organising the activities or hosting them. Most of our activities had been well thought out in our planning sessions and all the kids seemed to enjoy the activities we had offered them each time. I have noticed they prefer really active activities which requires them to run around as they have lots of energy to spare! I also noticed one of their favourite activity was Just Dance. They absolutely love dancing and they always request that we do some Just Dance at some point in our sessions.

Overall I think this service is going well and I can noticed that I am becoming more comfortable hosting the sessions and participating fully in them. I think I have definitely improved my communication and cooperation skills, however I am always looking forward to improving further whilst spending more time planning, working with my fellow service partners and interacting with the kids.” (Sunny Henon)

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