May 16

Science Sustainability Project: Reflection 2

The best part of the project was doing research and learning so many simple, small yet impactful ways you can be more sustainable. For example, trying to implement energy efficient systems in your home (solar power) looks like it would take a lot of effort but starting small by getting a solar powered phone charger could help you start small yet be impactful in reducing you energy consumption. 

During this project I have learned a lot about what sustainability consists of. Before the project I knew about sustainability but not really what you have to change to be sustainable. Through this project I learnt the options available to me, especially in Singapore, that I could apply to my own life to be more sustainable.

The most challenging thing for me was building the webpage as it required a skill set I have not explored before. Building a website was not really something I would consider fun but as I built the page and saw the research of our project come together with the presentation, it was very rewarding to see our work look professional.

I had to be creative in several aspects. When building the website especially I need creativity to make the layout of the page look put together and cohesive. Other aspects where I had to be creative was in creating our suggestions as some required some out of the box ideas to work in Singapore. An example of this creative thinking was suggesting implementing solar systems in your home as many people do not own roofs in Singapore – finding new ways to be energy efficient required to think differently from just getting a solar panel.

Though all my team members were equally focused, I feel that in my team I was the most focused because I made sure we were working towards our deadlines and balancing our time to keep the progress going.



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