How I Feel About CAS

How I Feel About CAS

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I chose this picture to describe how I feel about CAS because I feel optimistic about the process of this journey but also feel like I am just at the beginning of engaging with it.

Over these first few months, I have been enjoying doing activities different from what I normally interested in. It has been a good way to get out of my comfort zone and develop new skills. I can see the ways that my participation in my service (spending time listening to music with dementia patients to help with their memory cognition) and other creative activities (CultuRama, Bersama) are becoming meaningful parts of my week. I feel positive about the activities I have to chosen to do because they seem like a good fit for me and I am passionate about them. However, I know the best of my experience is yet to come.

I know there is a lot more continuity I have to put into my CAS activities so that I can reap real benefits and experiences from them. As of right now, I have just started towards doing CAS and there is a level of commitment I need to have to carry it through successfully over the next year. Although I feel like this may be challenging at times, I am interested in continuing my CAS journey and feel a part of what I am doing, especially in my service.


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