Beyond Snapshots: Exhibit A

Some examples of photos taken in my Creativity for CAS, “HS Beyond Snapshots: ‘Capturing’ not ‘Taking’ Images”. Displayed are three of the areas/skills in photography that we have explored the past couple of weeks – Birds Eye View/Worms Eye View, Detail and Composition. I find myself really enjoying this activity because I am a very creative person and photography has interested me for a really long time, so getting to know how to properly use my camera and take full advantage of its functions and settings to take (sorry Mr. Caleb, ‘capture’) photos is really useful. What I like most about photography is that though there are rules, there really aren’t any. It allows me to express myself in the sense that the photos I take show how I look at everyday objects, and what I find fascinating. Everyone in class shares their photos with each other after each session and I think that the collaborative aspect is really helping me to learn new things as no two photos are the same. My goal for this creativity is to ultimately learn as much as I can about my camera and start creating a small photo gallery of photos that I take out of school and maybe make some kind of project out of them.

Birds Eye View
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2 thoughts on “Beyond Snapshots: Exhibit A

  1. Those are really good pictures! I like how you are passionate about photography and you are taking the initiative to pursue it as well. I was wondering if you would like to take photography professionally or whether it will remain a hobby? Either way, I hope you continue to take photos because you are very good at ‘capturing’ them.

    1. Thanks Abheeshu, I don’t think I would pursue photography as a career or just focus solely on it, for it has always been more of a hobby. I hope to, however, use photography as a tool and integrate it into my artwork for example using Photoshop or Adobe Capture for then it allows me to expand my skill range as well as experiment with different media.

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