Do rules for social media change as you age?

Video: Teens explain the rules of social media.

Article: When is a Child Instagram – Ready?

Some quotes that I managed to pick out and that I find interesting from a mother of a 7-year-old’s point of view:

  • Kids are digital natives: They’ve never known life without connectivity.
  • Parents spend more than 9 hours a day with screen media, 82% dedicates to personal screen media — an hour of social media.
  • Simply part of parenting — spending the time to introduce a child to social media, as it’s introducing them to a neighborhood
  • To know that people will come across inappropriate images, mean comments
  • Don’t have the same social context that adults do
  • Vulnerable kids are more vulnerable to bad things
  • Helping him to connect with other kids like him — essentially to find his people
  • A study that shows that kids who use social media do feel more connected to friends, whether it’s friends online or ones they see every day at school (Ms. Filucci)

From reading this article I’ve managed to understand that there are more benefits to allowing young kids to ‘explore’ with social media, with the help of parents or a guardian. This is because it’s a first step for them to understand the responsibility of being on social media, and as we are also the digital age of technology, I think that the author of the article made very good points to as the ‘learning’ aspect of it. It seems that children are able to discover new skills and socially understand the wrongs to rights with what they can do, with the ability they have and to what extent step into the digital world. In order for someone who may not agree here to really be able to read the article can open up the usual thoughts of allowing children to have accounts or play a part on social media at a young age. However, it didn’t really highlight much of what the negative aspects could be but does also give me the impression that there are more positives than there are negatives. In my personal opinion, I feel that there are certain rules that should remain the same, regardless of age, and depending on those rules, people should respect that they are put in place for certain reasons as there are users of a younger age group. Therefore, I think that rules shouldn’t change but if they do we need to continue to stay ‘grounded’ and in a way respect that for others.

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3 thoughts on “Do rules for social media change as you age?

  1. Hi Richelle,

    Your post has me wondering now how parenting will change for your generation. Now that you have been through adolescence with social media, I wonder how that will frame your thinking around the pros and cons of developing friendships, learning, and living in that space.
    I wonder also if for future generations our practice of being in constant communication with others will perhaps go out of style.
    Thanks again for sharing,
    Ms. Friedman

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