Grade 10 – First Week of School Reflection

Today is Friday, 23rd August 2019, and it is the first Friday of grade 10. The most significant events of this week were meeting my friends and new teachers, and the fibs. This week feels pretty much like last year, it just feels like a continuation of grade 9. This week was also kinda stressful because we have so many tests and tasks coming up next week. It was also pretty boring and I can’t wait for the holidays because I’ll get to sleep in again 🙂

Potential highlights for me would be Culturama (if I get in). Last year in Culturama I had lots of fun, and I wanna get into Culturama and have fun this year as well before I get bombarded with all the exams. Some potential obstacles of this year could be exams, mocks, and coursework. All of these things affect my attainment grades in the long run, and they are a huge deal.

Well overall, I’m lowkey excited for grade 10, and the units we’re learning in our classes seem pretty cool this year. But I’m not excited to stay up all night finishing all my coursework and studying for exams. Good luck to me!

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