Service : End of Year Reflection

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Service has come to an end, and to be honest, I am very sad about that. The service I participated in this school year was Arts and Craft with PCF 858 Kindergarten. During this service, we would do fun activities, such as colouring, making masks, and making hats with the little kindergarteners. Our main aim as a service was to overcome cultural barriers and try to brighten up the day of the little kindergarteners. We really wanted to make their day better, and we wanted them to look forward to spending time with us. We definitely have achieved our aim as their teacher told us that the little children always looked forward to our activities, and she told us that they consider us as their older brothers and sisters. This shows how much we all have bonded with the little kindergarteners, and how much they have come to trust us.

Service was always the highlight of my week as I always enjoyed spending time with the little kids and hearing their laughter and seeing their smiles. Service was also the time where I got to relax and not have to think about any school work that stresses me out.

When I joined this service, I thought that I would hate it as I am not that fond of children, but over time I realised that spending time with these kindergarteners was like a mindfulness session, where my mind was just very relaxed. I used these service sessions as a time where I could freshen my mind and have a mini mind ‘detox’ where I get rid of negative vibes and stressful thoughts.

Through the service sessions, I became close with the little children, therefore I found it really hard to say goodbye to the kids during our last session. Despite the fact that I am going to see them next year when I continue to do this service, I will still miss them a lot, and I will miss the weekly Tuesday sessions that we had with them. I am really excited to spend more time with the little children next year!

First service visit!!

For my NYAA, I am doing the service PCF. In this service, we go to a local pre-school and spend a bit more than an hour with a kindergarten class. Our aim is to make these kids’ days better and happier. We want them to look forward to the Tuesdays when we go over and play with them. Another aim of this service is to strengthen the bond between UWCSEA East and local people. We aim to overcome cultural and age barriers and enhance our leadership and communication skills by doing activities with the pre-schoolers.

On the 5th of March, we went over to PCF, which is very close to our school, and we did our first activity session with the kids. First, we did musical statues, and then we took a big parachute and played with it along with the kids.

From this experience, I learnt that the kids really do follow you, therefore we have to have very high energy levels in order to engage with the kids and allow them to have more fun. I also learnt that some kids dislike certain activities, making it an exclusive activity, which is not what we are trying to do. We want to make the activity as inclusive as possible and make sure that everyone enjoys it, therefore I think that we should ask the kids what the want to do so that we can make the activities best for them.