Running Hour – 3/09/19

Today’s running hour session was a learning experience. For the first time, I and another student were paired up along with one of the beneficiaries of running hour. His name was Chen Wei. It was quite a hard thing to control him as we had to stay on track, whereas he kept wanting to run along the wall. So I and the other student had to work together, to help him complete the course.

Learning Outcomes – LO2 and LO5

Tennis Training – 30/09/19

In today’s session, we worked on playing offensive tennis in our doubles teams. We also played a game, where we could not step outside the boundaries of the court as we needed to work on moving forward, and avoid standing in the middle of the court. After that, we just put our skills to use, playing a set against another doubles pair.

Learning Outcomes – LO2 and LO5

Tennis Training – 27/09/19

In today’s training session, we had worked on our doubles play, and turning our volleys from defensive too offensive shots. I also tried to avoid swinging at my volleys, and just push them away to finish the point. I also tried to avoid hitting winners all the time. For doubles, I worked on my positioning on the court and different strategies with my partner.

Learning Outcomes –  LO2 and LO5

Running Hour – 26//09/19

Today’s running hour session was a very fun one. I was paired up with a 19-year-old named Ethan, who was mentally challenged, and another buddy called Edwin. In today’s session, I had run all the way from Kallang wave mall to marina barrage and back, totally running 9km. This helped me work towards my goal of helping challenged people in Singapore while trying to improve my stamina. This session was very challenging, but in the end also very rewarding.

Learning Outcomes – LO2 and LO5

MUN – 25/09/19

During today’s MUN session, we had started the real part of MUN. This included creating speeches on the spot, with a time constraint, working on speaking in the third person, and speaking in front of a crowd. I had chosen to do MUN because I wanted to experience this activity, and improve my public speaking skills. So today’s session allowed me to work on that.

Learning Outcomes Achieved – LO 1 and LO 2




Today in class, we were learning about the effects of EQ and IQ. I think that IQ and EQ are both equally important because both of them are dependent on each other and both also go hand in hand. I think that I am emotionally intelligent because I am not easy to offend, I get enough sleep etc. I could go on about what I think, but when looking at the spectrum, I think I fit in between the top and middle.

MUN – 18/09/19

Today was our second MUN meeting. In this session, we went through all the basic terms and concepts that need to be used during a conference, and how a conference works. Our leaders explained the different roles of students during a conference, and how we had to try to be as formal as possible since we were trying to simulate an actual UN conference. I think my biggest take away from today’s session was how I need to be as formal as possible and speak in the third person.

Tennis Training – 16th September

Today, during tennis training, we had split into two groups, to work on two various different skills. I was in the group that focused on refining their volleys. I had worked on trying to get the right grip for my volleys, so I could switch between my forehand and backhand volleys without changing my grip. I had also worked on my follow-through while hitting a volley and trying to avoid swinging my racquet at the net.


Running Hour – 12/09/19

Today was my first running hour session. It was a very fun one, as I got to interact with visually, mentally, and physically challenged people of Singapore. An added bonus was I got to do it through something I loved which was sports and being active.

Learning Outcomes Achieved: 4 and 5

I got collaborate with the challenged people and enjoyed a conversation during our light jog.

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