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Thanks for hanging around again to pay attention to different stories of my learning journey…..                                                                                        Today I would like to mention quite a few things that I have learned and enjoyed by being a part of the Boarding Catering Committee. We have been responsible for all the celebrations that are a  part of how we appreciate the diversity and variety of people that we have in our community.  Personally, I feel  I have learned how to step out of my comfort zone and how to participate in different events that are based on appreciating other’s cultures that are not necessarily my own beliefs which is something that I never practiced in places that  I have lived at before. I have done this through planning and helping out in setting up decorations and other logistical stuff together with creating posters at some points; in different events like Christmas, Chinese New Year, Deepavali and currently we have just planned for Hari Raya Eid il Fitri. These events have helped me a lot in learning other people’s cultures and opportunities to learn what they mean and why is it valuable to them as well. Moreover, I have been able to practice my creative skills at different points.

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Welcome to my pre-post about project week, there is a lot to share…I am sorry that there will be a lot of writings here please bear with me.  Starting with our planning as I said in the previous video it wasn’t that easy but cooperation and collaboration was a great strategy for reaching the success and memories that I will be reflecting in this post                                                                                                               First of all perseverance was one of the strategies /characteristics that made us as a group successful. To mention a few; the second day of our hiking was a really difficult day as it was raining and going down the steep hill wasn’t that easy. But by encouraging each other and activating we did it at last and we were proud of choosing to step out of our comfort zone and actually facing the different challenges.                                                                                                                                    In addition to that, I also feel that the collaboration skills that we had made a huge difference in every single activity that we did. There were different changes that we had to make during the week, which would really be crucial and might have gone wrong if we weren’t cooperative enough in reaching the proper decision. There were also other emergencies that happened; like I got an allergic reaction all over sudden that  I had never really experienced before, which was quite shocking but through the assistance of other members of our group in communicating with ISOS I could make it through. There were also differences in cultures between members of our group but we tried to work well in understanding each other and coping up with everything.                                                                                      Above all Project, Week has been an amazing experience where we got the chance to go and explore the world and immerse ourselves in different new cultures which have made me feel more matured and I have opened my eyes and mind more and more.

Thanks for paying attention to my post! Here are some amazing photos.

short video of the most challenging part to me!





Thanks again for being around to see a short description of how my learning carries on.This may not be necessarily reflecting on a specific time here at school but it’s an achievement that has come through proper planning and engagement throughout all energy I have been giving while having a dancing session with the disabled members of the local community from Tampines Minds.

This happened during the previous weekend when I was walking around Tampines Mall with one of my friends and we happened to sit down in one restaurant to eat.While we were waiting for our food I saw one of the clients sitting with his relative or guardian if I am not mistaken.And in my mind, I thought there was no need of going by to say hello thinking that he might not be able to remember who I am.Surprisingly, after they finished eating before leaving he came by to the table that my friend and I were seating and he said Hello to me and also he tried to give signs to the guardian that we normally dance with them at our school.

What made me find a deep meaning in this is that I realized finally we just don’t give them only one-time happiness through dancing with them for 30-40 min but it carries on as they share with anybody around them in specific ways. This has been a great motivation to me especially at the times that I doubted whether what we are giving them is helpful or not and this was a result of perseverance and trying my best to find the meaning in it instead of giving up.Moreover, this gave a big picture how I can get involved in a local community anywhere around the world without necessarily being near my home place or in my country.

I have also attached some photos that we happened to have during dancing sessions.



Being a student at any school is possible especially when one’s parents or guardians are capable of providing this.

One thing that attracted me to start the complicated and overwhelming process of finding a chance to be one of these amazing UWC  communities that I had heard about it from my cousin sister together with her friends.There had also been several complaints on discrimination issues in various schools outside Africa towards African kids.This was also among the major concerns that my parents had when I was making the decision of leaving my country to come and study outside of Africa.I assured my parents that I believe I am never going to be under such overwhelming cases/issues as I   was told by my cousin sister and from other UWC Alumni that I ever met through my cousin sister.Before I came here I also had a lot of doubts about how UWC schools manage to have this good reputation of a non-discriminative society.

Coming to a realization after being around UWCSEA, I then realized that having different Focus Groups such as Focus Africa and different equality groups play a major role in achieving this unique characteristic besides the strict rules that are to be abided by every member of the society.

With this, I have been able to freely participate in different activities with the equal chance to all other students in the school.Besides the fact that it was difficult to get along with a new community at the beginning but these different activities such as sports, services and family events have been a great experience that has assisted in making my social life happier.

I have also attached a link below to my blog post that shows my learning process at UWCSEA  together with all activities that have been participating in including  Focus Africa.



During this meeting, I discussed with my supervisor on the progress I have made so far.The first thing that I have achieved well is: being able to phrase the question within a focused area of study and being able to successfully able to get in contact with the Organization –SACCOS  that I will be working with. During this time I also reflected on reasons that made me want to do my extended essay in  Business Management using different tools that are taught in this course.

We also ran through some of the challenges that I might face as  I am going to conduct the research, example language barrier and late response and how I can avoid or follow this problem. Moreover, We saw what I am supposed to be working on now in terms of preparing questionnaires and any surveys that might need to be used during research while referring to the concepts that will be answering the research question.


IFP-Cambodia-How I applied different skills that I learn every week.(February)

When and How do we find complete meaning and importance in skills that we have?

In response to this question that I have been asking myself for a long time, IFP Cambodia has turned out to be one of the most direct activities that have helped me a lot in finding the answer to this.

Shortly IFP-Cambodia is a student lead activity that was started by one student who graduated from UWCSEA-East in the year 2017.As inspired by the activities we run in school every Tuesday training to become Peace builders through bringing youths from different places to discuss issues of their own interests.This year we had a huge assistance from Grade 12 students together with many other people who reached out to help from Financial to material help which made this conference successful in its own way.We had different roles assigned and I assisted a lot with conference planning, choosing what topics we are going to discuss and what activities we are going to run.Through this, I learned how to initiate and plan different activities that can be presented in front of a large group of people with meaning.

Moreover, I wouldn’t have done this all alone a great motivation and assistance that we had as members of the group made the conference to become a successful one as the Delegates gave us the response on the connections they could make with other people from other countries and skills that they achieved from this conference.We also did service through visiting some of the schools in Cambodia for a day, besides the fact that I wasn’t satisfied by the fact that we gave the children instant happiness and we never showed up again.It was the most memorable experience to me on how they received us and little things that we taught and left them with.

We had a planner with a different range of activities and different photos taken during the events I have also attached them here.



Welcome again,

Today I have lots to say about sports but I don’t prefer writing everything down as I personally don’t feel it’s an effective method of conveying feelings especially when reflecting.

The things that I have shortly explained about in this video are on different training sessions, and matches conducted throughout this season which I have gotten an opportunity to join the school’s Netball team (u19Team B).

This video shows the short reflection session.

And the picture below shows my teammates together with our coach who has assisted us a lot in learning new skills during this whole season.

Together with all this I also got a certificate of recognition for My huge participation in Netball for this season.Which has been among the things that make me fill fulfilled to a large extent.



“Revealing what we don’t know is not being foolish but it shows the readiness of stepping out of ignorance.”

By.Elitumaini Swai





Welcome to my time of reflection,

This short video gives a description of what I have been doing in Focus Africa Gc in this season and what I have gained from it.I have also attached some photos of different activities that took place on that say together with a short video of the dance that I was a huge part of it.


The videos describing my reflection session and part of the dance are here.I hope you will enjoy and learn from them.