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Monday, 4th of November was our last football game of the season. It was against GESS and we won 4-1. I definitely saw how my football skills improved throughout the season in this game, as I was more aware of positions, what role each position has, and I improved at controlling the ball. My communication was a strength in this match – because I had more confidence in my football tactics knowledge, and so I became more confident in telling my team mates where I am on the field, letting them know where they can pass, whether the defense team is running up towards them and so on. This match showed me how I improved my football skills over the season, and it definitely encourages me to try out again next year. My goal for next year is to further improve my football skills in terms of controlling the ball and shooting, and then to make it to SEASAC teams as I got cut this year.


Throughout the year, a challenge my friend and I faced is that we felt quite insecure with our skills, and in this match I noticed that our coach noticed how the other team members treat us unfairly on the pitch – for example, one of our defender was trying to tackle the opponent, and one of our midfielder was continuosly yelling her name to kick the ball to another player (even though she wasn’t in possession). Our coach was then explaining to her how the defender had no options at that point because she wasn’t even possession of the ball. I hope next year we are more inclusive of the new A team players as for me it was quite intimidating and I will be able to empathize with those players next year.




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