We talked about how we identify ourselves and how that can impact our behaviour, emotions and relationships. We had activities such as writing down how other people knows us to be and how we know ourselves to be – this helps us see what we identify as characteristics at the surface of the iceberg, and which characteristics we identify as below the water surface.

We also discussed different personality types in working groups – whether we are caring, acting, speculating or someone who pays attention to detail. Personally, I think I’m someone who expresses the caring personality in group works because I like to know that everyone’s feelings have been taken into consideration, and have been heard, before making any big actions. I like to make sure I’m acting in a fair manner in group works, and that if any problems arise I would be able to reassure myself that I’ve given my best to have everyone’s opinion to be heard.

Another thing we talked about is optimism – what is optimism? What are the optimistic and pessimistic thinking styles? How does this play a part in our IB life? The optimistic thinking style involves us to remind ourselves that any issues are temporary, that it will pass. Depending on situations, we should not tell ourselves that everything is completely our fault, or that one issue connects with every other situation. That it’s something we can often control, and as Long as we keep our head up we will be able to deal with it. It’s important in our IB life because we will come across many challengers and stress throughout the years – whether it’s relationship issues, home problems, academic pressures, extracurricular problems. By practicing optimistic thinking, we can first learn how to deal with smaller issues and take in control of our emotions in the situation, and if we face more stressful situations then it will help us get through it. Sometimes if we have pessimistic views, it gets more stressful which can affect how we deal with the situation.

My first thoughts of IB is that it would be really difficult to keep up with my work and balance my activities, but I think the first term went pretty well and I’ve improved my running as well which I am proud of.

During the break, I’m going to relax by sleeping in, reading books that I enjoy and catch up with my netflix series.

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