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EE RC3: Viva Voce

The EE process has been insightful, and I feel confident in presenting my data with clear and justified results. Ecotoxicology is a prevalent issue as individuals are greatly increasing their prescribed drug consumption, and as such they’re being found in effluents. Using the three most common NSAIDs has increased the relevance of the findings concluded in my essay because of their day-to-day presence. Furthermore, I believe my initial question was answered well, as I could discern the most influential NSAID on the development of microgreens. Looking back, I would add a mixture of the drug types as an experimental condition, to better represent what is commonly found within environments, however with the materials available, I am very proud of what I accomplished through this study. 

Although the sample size was large and the testing conditions hold high ecological validity, I would advise future students to utilise hydroponics as a methodological apparatus when growing their selected plant. When removing the plants from the soil there was a large amount of breakage in the roots that may have reduced result reliability. Yet, I feel as though my sample size was large enough to eliminate any outliers. I’m very thankful for this experience!

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