English HL Essay Reflection 1 + Reflection 2

Reflection 1: 

  1. How might you use a thesis statement to provide the effect of the visual and lexical element of the text?

Use a thesis statement to provide the effect of ideas and how it has an impact on the reader. Big ideas (concepts) and themes are important to mention. They need to be rather larger ideas such as consumerism rather than surface-level things such as the “car”.

2. How might you embed evidence and unpack to avoid simply describing the text?

Use multiple pieces of evidence and go beyond just “describing” it. Provide insight relates to the context (author, themes, concerns, implications, and assumptions), purpose. Link to the big ideas (in thesis strands). Rather than just saying this “this draws the reader’s attention” or “this has an effect”, I need to link it insight, implications, context, or assumptions.

Look at thesis strands one by one, focusing and gathering as much evidence as possible. Additionally, looking at each thesis strand and all the evidence that is available to unpack at a deeper level (insight). The thesis strands need to be larger and be able to go further in insight. Planning is a very important aspect and in exam conditions, using the preparation time more properly. Applying my prior knowledge and understanding as well.

My planning has changed as I am more focused on the preparation and looking at each thesis stands as a bigger idea. Additionally, it is important to make sure that the thesis strands are not so similar.

I am making changes so I can give more insight into a better focus.


Reflection 2:

I have decided to change my body of work from P&G advertisements to Portrait of the Artist as Filipino as I feel there is a better grasp on Portrait. During the planning stage, I made sure to meticulously organize my notes from class and consolidate all the information. I used context documents, articles, classwork, and the notes from my booklet to create possible structured broad arguments that can be my thesis strands. From my notes, I have used major themes/concerns that can be my thesis stands of “Traditional” vs “Modern”. From these thesis strands, I have tried to narrow down some points that can have supporting evidence. I looked through my booklet and tried to make sure to choose well selected and diverse pieces of evidence.  Now, I am trying to unpack and construct a deeper analysis whilst linking back to my arguments. Another important thing I need to do is to make sure there is a smooth flow of cause and effect in this structured essay.

I need to construct my structure and points for how the coexistence causes the conflict, and perhaps what the conflict should look like?


CAS Reflection (First Day back to School) LO6

Going back to school is quite different now compared to prior years for obvious reasons. The protocols in school are to prevent the virus from spreading and this indicates to be a very serious issue if violated. Social distancing measures have been put in place in order to reduce the risk of infection, bubbles have also been put in place, movement rules, and additional policies as well. The policies and measures taking place in school have helped me develop as I am able to understand that my own positive/negative action has an impact and could affect the outcome of this issue. I am definitely more open-minded because of these policies.

Personal Motivation – EA (Intro – Post 1)

One of the important International Baccalaureate Global Politics courses is to take part in engagement activity. This engagement activity usually comes in the form of taking part in an internship or volunteering that is related to a political issue. This engagement activity would also involve traveling. However, due to the unfortunate circumstances of COVID-19, I was not able to participate in engagement activity in-person. Therefore, I used active online research and interviews via Zoom in replacement for face-to-face participation.

The topic I have chosen for my engagement activity is on environmental sustainability in Singapore. The key research question was how land reclamation as a form of economic development affects marine biodiversity and conservation in Singapore. Until recent years, rapid development involving extensive coastal reclamation in Singapore appears to have rendered little consideration for the marine environment. As a result of these activities, the marine habitats in the entire southern coast of the Singapore mainland and large areas of the north-eastern coast have been considerably affected. I wanted to learn more in-depth the current situation and future prospects, diverse political views on this issue (i.e. developing Singapore as a global economic hub versus protecting the natural environment), and the ways forward through interviews with relevant stakeholders such as researchers, marine activities and government officials.

The motivation for the choice of this topic originates from my interest in marine life as a young boy. Indeed, I began developing my interest in a blue planet very early in my childhood by reading books and watching documentaries that covered sharks alongside with other marine species. My love for and interest in oceans and underwater world later encouraged me to obtain PADI Advanced Scuba Diver certification. The certification provided me with a unique and ample opportunity to dive with my dad and fellow instructors in different places around the world. During these diving trips, I often notice that many coral reefs have been damaged beyond repair. The destroyed coral reefs were in stark contrast with colorful and beautiful reefs and seabed that I had seen on TV. It was immensely shocking to me. I came to learn that on a global scale, there were several causes behind the loss and destruction of coral reefs such as rising ocean temperatures, acidic water and pollution as well as costal development and agricultural activity. All of these were in many ways attributable to human actions.

While living in Singapore for almost 4 years, I have also begun to learn that reclamation has been a big part of the country’s infrastructure development which is often essential to meet the needs of a variety of sectors including industry, military, fisheries, housing and recreation. In short, reclamation plays a highly significant role in supporting Singapore’s economic growth and this inevitably affects marine environment. Give my interest in marine biodiversity, I thought that Singapore’s land reclamation would be a good case study to demonstrate the political issue concerning development versus environmental sustainability. After conducting some reviews of literature and media reports, I set out to further explore this topic

Jakarta Street Kids

LO6 – Global Issue

I learned more about the issue of street kids and recycling at a higher level of analysis. I learn the significance of this issue but also realized that because of so much work the issue of street kids in Jakarta has gotten so much better in the last few years. This may be a significant issue because there are several kids living in the streets with no income and food. This does not meet the SDG (sustainable development goals) and needs to be fixed. Furthrmore, my actions in this group both have a positive and negative impact. My positive impacts may be that I helped out and did fundraisers in order to promote recyclable products and money to help the kids out in Jakarta. However, me not recycling waste materials can also have a negative impact as they could have been used as an opportunity with JSK. My eyes have been opened with this experience.

Project Week CAS Reflection

LO3 – Initiative

I was planning to go with a 6 man group to the Himalayas of South Asia. We were planning to go to Rishikesh, India. It is well known for being near the source of the Ganges River and we are planning to go rafting. We were planning for rafting but our plans were progressively changing which I didn’t think would happen. We eventually had a plan to camp, hike, raft, and see the local culture. We faced some difficulties in trying to arrange what was going to happen with the providers and trying to get a solid plan. We eventually overcame this when we had made sure to be effective communicators and emailed them on a daily basis. Lastly, because of the unfortunate COVID-19 virus, we are not able to go on this trip but instead, have a week to write our EE. This was heavily unexpected and had to change our response to our plans. I plan on using this week effectively to knock out 4000 words for my EE.