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My name is Matthew Thomas and I am 15 years old. It seems that as we grow older, our ambitions and goals shift to different things. When I was a young child, I aspired to be a footballer as I was passionate about the sport, it always amazed me to feel the sensation of a ball and the pride in scoring a goal for your team. However, as I grew older the goal to be a footballer seemed a bit non realistic for me. I still continued to play this sport but I chose that I want to enter the field of psychology. Something that I have learned since I was a child is work hard because in life, nothing comes by easy. I lived in India till I was three and then I shifted to Singapore and have been living here since. I think the most people that have influenced are my parents and friends. Everything I am or now, I owe to them especially my parents. My personal aspiration is to be able to build a stable future for myself where I can provide for myself and my family, I also want to be really happy with where my life would be heading by the time I am 20 or more years old. I have chosen this to be my personal aspirations because this is something that is fundamental in life. Honestly, I think to achieve this aspiration I just have to keeping going forward and working hard, if I make mistakes I should reflect about them and apply a new strategy.  

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