Dpers video games.

which lessons from a gaming culture could be used in Gpers unit?

This could apply to multiple Gpers units; Faith& Ideology, human rights, Identity.

Vidoe games create characters with perfect bodies and have a lot of stereotype s( like men are the leader and suppose to be stronger than women). That’s why men and women around the world are very unhappy about their body. 15-20% of men suffer from bulimia. Especially now as the gender gap is decreasing and the world realizing that women are capable to do the same work as men, but the video games did not change much. I guess video games could also improve on the way that they view men and women, their body and their decisions.

This could be a very interesting topic to look at in Gpers. Talk about why the gender gap is so big and how different countries reduce it. Also, where did all those “perfect” bodies came from and why is it needed. We could also discuss in what way did this changed our lives.


personal statement

Grade 9 was my first year in high school. Even though it seems like the change from middle to high school is not that big. But I think high school changed me a lot. I changed a lot throughout this year not just physically but mentally as well. I think the high school made me a lot more responsible, intelligent, careful, deep, more mature, more grown up, I realized that I should not always rely on people, the only person that I should rely on fully is myself. This year was full of different emotions: laughter, tears, scandals, memories.

I achieved a lot this year. In service(Coding for good) and volleyball, I learned the importance of teamwork. How to collaborate and include others. I realized that every person is different and visualizes everything differently. For example, one person will understand everything perfectly if u explain once whether for the other person to remember you need to explain multiple times. One thing that I could improve on sis being more patient. Also in some places where I don’t know people, I will be very quiet and I won’t share my ideas or opinion. That something I should work on.  

I realize that I am only in Grade 9 at the very beginning of high school journey but I already started to think about my dream job and my dream university. At the end of grade 8, I was sure that I want to be an engineer. In grade 9 when we started learning science a lot deeper and I understood that I feel very passionate about biology and chemistry. I started realizing what subjects I like and what I don’t, things that I should work harder on and things that are easy for me. At this moment my dream job would become a doctor. That is something i am very interesting and passionate about. Of course, my dreams and thought might change a lot through the process of growing up.

I also think that I grew a lot in academics. At first it was very hard for me to manage my time wisely. I would spend too much time on one subject and not enough on the other. But now i learn what strategies help me learn. Exams helped a lot to figure this out. In my perspectives, I don’t think that grades should not matter and they shouldn’t detournement how smart you are. I still don’t understand why some people are getting very upset about getting a 6 for examples. They are just numbers nothing much. I used to be one of those people as well. I cared a lot about my grades a lot and i thought that if i won’t get a 7 on this subject, i would fail, and my entire life is over. Of course my grades got a lot better since the beginning if the year. But that’s not the most important part. The most important part is that i realised that grades don’t matter as long as I understand what the unit is about. And as long as i do my best, then grade won’t matter to me. Of course it’s better to get a good great but even if i won’t I should not stress about. It was one of the most important things that i learnt from this year.

This year already changed me already but as I continue changing I want to develop more skills such as being a better listener, paying more attention to small things, being more open and letting people in my life, to take responsibility of all my actions. And one of the most important is to think before I do something.

I achieved a lot this year as well as I failed multiple times too. I learned from my mistakes. I changed a lot and I will keep changing, hope that all the changes that will happen to me will make me a better, stronger person.

design basics

  1. Proximity-using visual space to show the relationship in your content. All related items should be grouped together.
  2. White space- too much negative space between lines or the content. Gives the content room to breath.
  3. Alignment- be consistent. arrange items in the same order, evenly spaced.
  4. Contrast- one item different to another. Making one item look more important than the other. You can use color, size…
  5. Repetition-  every project should be consistent, repeat certain elements. Makes work look better and easier to read.
rough draft



If you want to solve a problem, you should do it step by step.

thinking about the client

Dpers- What are smart phones to us?

I came up with this question in class during my discussion with Rohan. We were talking about the impact phones on people. How people will choose phones over other real people. Then we came up that smartphones were supposed to be the way to communicate and entertain people. But it became a lot more. People take phones as something they need not as they want. Phones aren’t just an object it is part of us. Which has both negative and positive impact on us.  during this conversation, we should avoid some fallacies. Because when the phone becomes part of us, we spend all the time on the phone. We should be careful what you put on social media or what kind of websites you check.

This can make grade 9th to think what connection they have with their phone. How much time they spend on their phone, what they post on social media. You should be always careful on social media because you never know what kind of people look at your profile. 

Dpers lesson 1

  1. When I work with people I value that they will listen and respect my opinion. If I am struggling with something I want people to help me.
  2. Listen to my idea and try to understand it before you judge it.
  3. when it comes tech I am good at making presentations but I need to get better at photoshop.
  4. sometimes it’s hard to me to explain my idea so people think I don’t understand the material.
  5. I think of myself as an extrovert, in a group work you might notice that I don’t speak up that much, please remember that I would like to share my idea.

Was the 3 Gorges dam worth it?

Looking from the Social point of view it wasn’t worth it. Way too many people had to move homes and there were a lot of problems with landslides which caused some deaths. Also terrorist could target 3 Gorgeous dams which would damage people’s lives. From environment perspective, there are more disadvantages. A few aquatic species are in danger some of them are extinct. There is a lot of rubbish in the river. Increased coastal erosion because sentiment blocks the dam and sediment cant go to the sea. Fish don’t get enough vitamins and minerals. From the economic point of view, there are more advantages. A lot of farmland was saved wich saved food supplies. A lot of HEP energy comes from the dam which is good for the environment.

Overall I think it wasn’t worth it. The cost was way too expensive and there were too many damages to the environment and to people. It produced a lot of clean energy but as the energy demand is increasing less of that clean energy is used.

B1 revision

playlist of all the videos that will help, to revise for the B1 test


This video explains osmosis. Before 3;45s there is an explanation what osmosis is after there are real life examples


Explanation of defusion


Plant cells and animal cells, similarities and differences. What does each part of cell for.


Function of blood cells in the body


Funstions of root hair cells


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