Final reflection Viva Voce

While working on my Extended Essay, I realised how important it is to be precise while doing the experiment. As long as my Extended Essay experiments implied working with manual polarimeters, tools with very uncertain measurements, I had to be extremely precise in when I prepared samples for the investigation to minimize the impact of errors.


Also, I struggled with submitting my drafts on time and I have discovered that I lack concentration and focus while writing a paper. I just could not put my ideas on paper. Therefore I am working on how to make my writing more productive now.


Finally, the last thing I was surprised about while working on my Extended Essay is how much room there is for the independent work of a student. While writing the Extended Essay, I learnt how to choose a proper topic for the work and how to design an experiment. Once I have a case when I lacked some of the reactants I needed so I had to work with technicians on how to deliver a new reactant. I learnt how to organise a mutual work by myself and take action leading a group of people whose work I depend on.

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