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  • Culturama Japan

    Investigation: LO1-Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth This was an activity that I did for 1 season. It is a school dance production, where there is a dance for multiple countries and I chose to do Japan. I decided to do Japan as I have always been interested in dance and this was […]

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  • Emotional Intelligence

    When I first heard about emotional intelligence, I thought it was about your emotion and how you control them. However, after studying the topic around emotional intelligence. I learned that it was also about the emotions of other people and how you interact with that. Some of the strengths that I identified from the points […]

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  • Mathematics HL:Maths and me

    I’m Hibiki Tokuda and I took IGCSE math course, together with the additional mathematics course. I mostly have a positive feelings towards maths and I find it achieving when I am able to solve questions. As I am starting this course, I am worried that I won’t be able to catch up with the workload. […]

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  • Frankenstein

    Our group chose to read Frankenstein because as we were skimming through the list of classic, the title of this book was the most familiar. Frankenstein is a famous classic and when looking at the list, we thought this book would be the right challenge for our level of reading and I also wanted to know the story […]