Individual Report Reflection

Sustainability is when something is able to keep on going without altering the natural ecological balance. The concept of being sustainable for the planet is that we will get to a stage that the amount of energy and water and C02 that we are producing will not accumulate and will be the same now as it is in the foreseeable future. For a community to truly be sustainable it would have to completely rely on renewable energy sources and not use any coal gas e.t.c. The inherent problem with this is that the wind dies and the sun sets so the levels of energy would be constantly fluctuating. Currently, we do not have a battery big enough to store this energy but companies like Tesla are working on it with their new super battery in Australia.


My absolute number one factor for my own ecological footprint is flying, so much so, that on the footprint calculator when I didn’t put in flying I was using 0.6 earths but when flying was calculated in it went up to 2.2! I think that my second biggest is probably what I eat, although I very rarely eat beef I eat a lot of chicken and fish which are both also taking up some land area and producing C02 emissions



Flying has a big environmental impact mostly because of the amount of non-renewable fuel it uses, although nowadays, depending on what car you have, it is not that much worse than driving (especially if your car is not at full seating capacity). As for my food land usage, a few years ago when I first started thinking about my sustainability and carbon footprint, the first thing I did was swap out the beef for chicken and fish. I never had much beef but all types of farming (especially cattle) are very resource intensive. There is always energy lost when you have to use the land to farm crops for the cows to eat for you to then eat the cow, in that process, there will always be a lot of food wastage. Due to this beef requires 28 times more land to produce than pork or chicken (Carrington). I am still consuming butter, cheese and milk but because cows are able to produce far more of this than milk there is a lot less environmental effect.


Most of the time I fly I am going back to Australia for holidays to see family so I don’t really think I will stop flying but there are ways to make it more sustainable. I will try to take non stop flights because there is a lot of fuel usage in landing and take off. For flights under 300 miles, I will consider if I can take a car, bus or train depending on the situation, I will think about the amount of weight that I am taking in luggage onto the plane because any extra weight that is used will be decreasing the fuel efficiency, I know that there are also carbon offset programs but I am not sure I would ever actually spend that much but it will be something that I am considering. As I mentioned I have stopped eating beef but I am still drinking milk and eating cheese and butter, I will consider reducing these but I am not sure how much I will be able to. When I next need a toothbrush, soap or other toiletries I will buy from here this will reduce packaging and minimise waste. If I was to only make one change it would definitely be the flying and all the points I mentioned above



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Weise, Elizabeth. “Flying Is Bad for the Environment, Here Are Some Tips to Make It Less Carbon-Intensive.” USA Today, Gannett Satellite Information Network, 27 Dec. 2018,


Carrington, Damian. “Giving up Beef Will Reduce Carbon Footprint More than Cars, Says Expert.” The Guardian, Guardian News and Media, 21 July 2014,

Sustainability Project Final Reflection

During this project, the most challenging thing for me was that Ms Veron is already very sustainable, so I have had to be creative in finding all of the little things that can we can change in our lives. When it is all added together can make a big impact on the world. We took an even closer look to see the small things that we can change. We decided on looking at toiletries in particular and all of the packaging that usually comes with it, we found you can buy shampoo in a bar and use a wooden toothbrush and just replace the head. There is also a company that sells deodorant and you can send the bottles back to be reused. I really enjoyed coming up for these solutions for Ms Veron and then changing altering them for me to try in my routine as well. I have started to think about the length of my showers and trying to minimise packaging



Initial Individual Reflection

Decision making:

At the start of this project, I found that flying is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint. And I know that UWC teachers usually fly a lot. My partner and I decided to focus on transportation, we also found that farming animals is a massive contributor to carbon footprint so we decided to ask about food consumption. We knew that we would face a challenge that a lot of the teachers are already sustainable, especially Ms Veron and her family.

Ms Veron said that she flies a lot but it is mostly for family reasons so I don’t think it would be reasonable to ask her to limit that (I have the same problem of flying too much). We found that she has a small garden so we decided to suggest composting because that is something that we do and I think it is working for us

World of Work Initial Reflection


  • Describe your individual process of job search:
  • What were your goals and expectations?

To find a job that is something that I would consider that I am considering for my actual future and something that I genuinely find interesting

  • Were you able to meet your goals?

PE is something that I am actually considering for my future life and career and something that I believe I am interested in

  • How close to your expectations was the actual outcome?

I was able to get the internship that I first signed up for

  • What have you learned through the process?

I have learnt how to write a resume for a specific area of work and then how to write emails to apply for work experience

  • What skills have you learned or applied?

I have learnt how to write a resume for a specific area of work and then how to write emails for work experience

  • In what other situations or areas in your life might you apply the same skills and learning?

When applying or a real-life job

  • What are some of your goals for your World of Learning Week internship?

To know what a real work environment is and would PE be something that I would be interested in

  • What might be some factors to consider when defining your goals?

My own ability now and the fact that I haven’t done this sort of work before

  • After recording your summer internship experience, what would you want to see/hear in yourself as you look back?

As I look back on the process I think that I have effectively applied for a work experience position


Recording my work:

Photographs of working

Writing notes when actually in the environment

Asking the employer to take notes at the end of the week about some of the things I have done

Taking notes on particularly hard tasks







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Reflecting on Others Podcasts

Lusi – Screen Free meals 

Winne – emoji challenge

IRL podcast 

Do we worry too much about the effects technology has on our lives?

I believe that society should have a greater concern for the possible addiction that some people might have to technology. Especially in places like South Korea where this is a really big problem I think that this should be a much more widely discussed topic because of the amount of people it affects

Writers Fortnight Reflection

Dpers final rap up post

Which three quotes from that reading link with your experiences in the podcast project? What makes you say so? How is this useful for you as we enter the last three months of the year?

“Mental toughness is like a muscle. It needs to be worked to grow and develop. If you haven’t pushed yourself in thousands of small ways, of course, you’ll wilt when things get really difficult.” This quote relates to the challenge that I and my partner have been doing because it was just a small challenge to turn off all of our notifications but it really changed the way I used my phone and directly challenged my view that I was controlling my phone and not the other way around

“It wasn’t strength or smarts or leadership potential that accurately predicted whether or not a cadet would finish Beast Barracks. Instead, it was grit — the perseverance and passion” Again this is a scaled down version but there were times when I was just like ‘this is dumb, I’ll just turn on notifications for like one app’ but then I felt that as soon as I did that I would start doing more and more apps and then defeat the purpose of the challenge. This also relates to “toughness and grit equal consistency.”


As you listen to your partner agreement responses, where do you think you should have thought more about collaboration?

A lot of our partner agreements were about our personality traits and how we could work together and not so much about the best way for us to get the most out of the partnership. I think that we should have talked more about what we could do to maximise our collaboration

Which pieces of advice could you have thought more deeply about and why?

Like I said above I could have thought more deeply about my partner’s traits and strengths and how I can build off them with my own and then discuss this with my partner

Now that you’ve worked with different partners, what is it that you MOST need from a partner during a project and how do you know?

From a partner, I most need someone that will listen to some of my (sometimes bad) Ideas and consider them without shooting them down straight away but also someone that will contribute their ideas even if they are not perfect or fully thought through and then we can expand on them together.



Which part of the tool (see below) was the sharpest for you in this project? Which part do you think you need to spend more time using and why? How would using that tool have helped with this project?

I think that my bottle opener was the sharpest tool for me because I was able to convey a lot of what I was thinking and feeling to my partner effectively. I think that I definitely most need to work on my scissors for cutting out distractions and I have noticed this in all of my classes that I can get distracted very easily. One of the ways I think I can manage this is the ‘A Soft Murmur’ website Ms Freidman showed us I am using it right now to write this and it is effective for stopping outside sounds that could distract me

Re Cycle Service

 These are the 2 bikes that I have been working on in the course of the ReCycle

With the help of my group, we have mostly started to fix our bike and make it rideable again


This is a photo of the bike that I am currently fixing with my partners (Mishka and Jack). This bike is really rusty and missing some parts so it is a definite challenge. We have managed to fix quite a few things but this bike is still a work in progress.

In this service, I have made some new friends and been able to apply my knowledge of bikes. I think that there are a few times that the bikes that come in are in a very bad state and I think they will take more money to fix properly than a cheap new bike but with our commitment to the environment this would not be sustainable


Dpers Podcast ‘Turning off’

Final Podcast 

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How to stay happy on social media 


Include one photo of you and your partner in the show notes:


Link to your Intro and Outro Post (which should include your planner) instructions from that earlier post:

Intro and outro music post 

Link to the audio partner agreement you recorded based on this

Partner agreement 


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