Extended Essay Viva Voce

The Extended Essay has finally come to an end, along the way, I learnt many different skills that will help me for University. In Uni, essays will no longer be short I will have to write essays similar to the EE or longer. In order to write a good research essay, I’ll need to incorporate theories learnt from lectures to real-life situations using evidence from reports written by experts in the field.

I have learnt so much and now have a basic understanding on how hard it is for countries to find a solution to problems, as parties may not agree with one another. If I were going to continue this EE, I would want to broaden my research to renewable energy as a whole or focus my understanding and find out more about people’s personal geographies in order to understand why people would not want to purchase electric vehicles.

HS Cross Country Team 19&U A Boys

I joined the HS Cross Country team during the middle of the season. I was convinced by a friend to join in order to train for the NS IPPT 2.4 km run. Before I started Cross Country, my stamina during the 2.4 km run was really bad. I could run fast at the start, but couldn’t maintain it. In Cross Country, we did a lot of endurance training and 5 km training. Over the course of the activity, I can say that my stamina has improved. I can now run 5km with only 1-2 breaks in between, this shows that I can run for longer periods of time.

I didn’t make the SEASAC team, however, hopefully I will be able to make the Track and Field SEASAC team in any of the runs, as that is what I was aiming to achieve. I am confident that my 2.4km time has improved after all the training at Cross Country.


In my GC, Asian Children’s Education(ACE), we work with an organisation called Jaago located in Bangladesh, to support the kids there and provide them with an education. The reason why this is an issue of global significance is because I believe that education should be accessible to everyone. In our GC, we raise money through events such as the summer festival, and with the money, we sponsor a child for US$27/month or we can donate to the organisation. Currently, we are successfully sponsoring 5 children. With this, we can educate more people and hopefully make peoples lives better.

Tech Tinkers

For this aspect of CAS, I signed up for a college service called tech tinkers. I have been a part of this service since grade 11 and this year, I am one of the leaders running the activity. The reason why this tackles issues of a global significance is because of E-waste. In a day and age where technology is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, technology that is obsolete will be disregarded and disposed of. At tech tinkers, we reduce E-waste in our school community. We accept donations of old technological devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Once we receive the donations, we refurbish them into working condition and donate them to those that need it. E.g in Grade 11, we fixed a bunch of laptops, phones, DS and tablets for a project week group to donate to the kids at Blue Dragon.

EE Interim Reflection

The research that I conducted was successful in providing me with the academic understanding and context of my research question. At first, it was hard to find information as I didn’t know what I wanted to mention. However, after consultation with different people and reading up on the topic, I managed to come to a consensus. When researching, I learnt many things about the process e.g there was a lot of information that I gathered and had thought it would be useful but ended up not being used in the actual essay. I also learnt about academic sources and how they contain lots of substantial data and evidence which can easily help back up theoretical claims. I had to submit my first draft of my EE twice as the first submission wasn’t very clear in terms of the direction taken. Due to this, I had to re-strategise my approach. Throughout the research process of the EE, my knowledge on this topic has deepened a lot. I have learnt more about the interconnectedness of the global manifestation of this issue and how it impacts us locally in Singapore.

Project week

Project week was a great experience, it was my first time planning a week long trip with no supervision. My group and I travelled to Tioman Island located off the coast of eastern Malaysia. On Tioman Island, my group and I took our advanced open water diving course. This course spanned the duration of two days, on the other days where we weren’t doing anything, our group participated in the ‘Project Aware’ speciality courses. During these courses, we learned more about the aquatic life underwater and how we can protect it. On one of the ‘Project Aware’ courses, we cleaned up the Crown Of Thorns which look like starfish and eat the coral. They leave a white trail of coral which basically means that section of the coral was dead.

On the trip, I didn’t really learn more about myself, but about those around me. During the planning stages, our group encountered an issue with one of the group members not paying his side of the project week. This annoyed one of our group members, but eventually, he tried to let it go. After that, the same group member forgot his passport when we had already boarded the bus. Also, he almost left his passport on the ferry, luckily, one of our group members saw and reminded him. I learned that there are people out there who don’t have much experience with independence and travelling on their own, because if that person did, then he wouldn’t have forgotten something as crucial as their passports.

The two aspects of CAS that we chose to focus on was Activity and Service. For service, as mentioned before, we completed a specialist course where we learnt about the crown of thorns which eat coral and how to get rid of them. For service, we also completed a beach clean up. For Activity, we completed our Advanced Open Water diving course.

In the end, Project week was a wonderful experience even though there were ups and downs along the way.

Reflective Conversation 1

Since the start of the process of writing the EE, I can say that I have gone through a lot of learning and my idea on the whole topic has definitely changed. My original idea for a Geography and Economics world studies essay was “If the world became 100% renewable, how would the local economy here in Singapore be affected”. I chose this topic because I have always felt that renewables are the key to the future of the human race. I discussed this topic with my supervisor and after that meeting, I realized how broad this topic was and decided that I wanted to focus on renewable transportation. So I went and did some more research, and found out that a company known as “Blue SG” have created electric cars that people can rent. These cars use a similar system to Obike and OFO. So now, my essay is revolved around the idea of how practical this system would be for Singapore.


EE Day Exit ticket

One thing that I have learned:

Something that I learned today, would be during the session with Ms. Grigsby in the library. Before, I wasn’t sure how to get information from reliable sources. However, I was introduced to the website “find.uwcsea.edu.sg” which is a database in beta with a vast collection of information from reliable sources collected over several years. Something that makes information unreliable would be coming from an unreliable source e.g from twitter or facebook. Reliable information is peer-reviewed which means that the information given is checked by people that work in the relevant area.


What I am proud of:

Something that I am proud of, would be the fact that the research that I had gathered today was all from reliable sources. I feel like the information that I got is more trustworthy. Although, I feel that my original source (blue SG website) is just as reliable.


What I’ll be doing next:

I want to start writing my EE essay. I am planning on writing everything bit by bit (maybe every weekend). By doing this I should be able to complete my EE in a few weeks.

My Experience at the Carnival (MWC) and HOME.

Today, I went to the Carnival, I didn’t manage to find a way in, however, the experience of going to the location was really impactful. The dormitory is located at 34 Mandai Estate, when I was traveling there, I was trying to imagine what the dormitory looked like. I thought that the complex would be open, have some shops nearby and relatively close to places where other Singaporeans live e.g HDBs. However, my idea was so wrong. When I got there, the everything was enclosed in metal fencing, the courtyard where the migrant brothers worked was also enclosed in a metal fence. The quality of the football goals and basketball hoops weren’t very good either. As I circled the complex, I could see that security was of importance there, people needed passes to get in, women could only enter on specific days and times. I also could also get a glimpse of the rooms that the workers stayed in by looking through the windows. It seems that the accommodation is very small and many workers have to squeeze in there. A lot of the workers were participating in the carnival, others were in their rooms and others were sitting around conversing with one another. To me, I felt like the dorms were just a large jail cell.


This brings me to my main take away from home. At HOME, something that stuck and resonated with me would be “What is considered adequate living conditions?”. Would providing a shelter be considered adequate living conditions?. Since the SG Government hasn’t explicitly stated what each contractor has to provide to the workers, they can just use their best guess and decide how much they want to give to their workers.

Which mentor text (from slide 3) will you use as your model? How will you ‘steal’ from it? (hyperlink that text in)

I think that I will use the ted sketch note. Something that I will ‘steal’ from it would be the design, the minimal text design is what appealed to me.


Will your final post be built collaboratively? (If yes, indicate specific responsibilities and timeline)

Yes, I think that I’ll be in charge of editing/compiling the whole thing since I am media coordinator. My other group members will be responsible for reviewing the final product. I think Shreyans will be looking after the service aspect, and Arnav will gather all the media on the activities as the logistics coordinator.

Which future-ready skills will you use during Project week, and how can you capture them in action for your post?

I think that coordinating with others will be a very important skill during project week, as coordinating is very key when we do the activity (diving). If we don’t coordinate with all the parties involved, then accidents will occur.


What do you need to document during the week? Be Specific, create a checklist for you to refer back to. (ex: who will it be important to interview, which questions will you ask?)

Somethings that I think that we need to document would be things that we did, how we feel, what went through our mind and maybe what challenges we faced. This will be key because it will help us to reflect easier since we will most likely forget some things.


How can you balance what the service provider AND future grade 11s might want to see in your final reflection? At this moment in time, I’m not sure how I can balance what the service provider and future grade 11s see in my reflection.


How might you use the tool linkedin for your reference on the slide 5?

I don’t have Linkedin, so I’m not sure how I’m going to use it.

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