How my life has been affected by the place(s) that I have lived in.

Some places that have shaped my life journey so far would be England and Singapore. I was born in Leicester, England and lived there for 7 years of my life. I met many different types of people there, and made a lot of friends. In England, I realised that the place was very diverse in terms of peoples nationality. Not only that but there are a lot of nature parks there which allowed me to connect with wildlife. Also the atmosphere there was very relaxed and friendly, I could go up to the neighbours and start a conversation with them. Living in England helped me develop my communication skills and confidence.

However, when I moved to Singapore, I could feel that the environment was a lot different. In a lot of places around Singapore, especially in the city, there are a lot of buildings, I can’t find many nature parks and greenery, unlike England. After all these years in Singapore, I can say that a lot of people are in a rush to either go to work, school, tuition etc, and people also look very unhappy. It doesn’t seem like a friendly environment where I can go up to people and start a conversation easily. By the end of the day on MRT’s people look exhausted from long working hours, school and ECA’s (Extra Curricular Activities). Singapore has helped me develop my awareness of the surroundings.

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