CAS and Activities Post

Some things that I am interested in would be rock climbing, RC, computing, and conflicts between different types of people e.g world leaders (Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump) or YouTubers (Clout Gang vs Team 10). Computing is something that I have always had an interest in since a young age, I think that the reason for this is because I have grown up in an age where technology is part of our daily lives. I’m also interested in learning conflicts between two types of people, the most recent conflict that I have kept up with would be the Youtube conflict between two major YouTubers, Jake Paul and Faze Banks. It was interesting to see how the audience reacted to both sides of the story, not only that but it surprised me that one side even started to lose subscribers because he had been lying to his viewers. To be honest, I am more interested in the conflict between the people, instead of how they resolved the issue. 

The issue that I feel most passionate about would be the welfare of animals. I have grown up around animals my whole life, I feel like they are a part of who I am and when I see the terrible things that some people do to them, it hurts me inside. Some things that I have tried to do to help the animals would be by spreading awareness of issues. Now welfare of animals is a huge topic to spread awareness about, so I just focused on one area, poaching. I researched into animal poaching in different countries and found many shocking stories. In the end, the way that I spread awareness would be through a short film that consisted of images, statistics, and interviews with people who are deeply involved with the issue.

Some strengths that I have would be the ability to communicate and collaborate easily with others. Since young talking has been one of my strengths, I find it easy to start a conversation with anyone, but I can still improve. Even though I can talk to anyone, I still have trouble trying to talk in front of a large audience, for some reason I just get nervous and forget about what I am supposed to say.

Right now I am not doing anything that could be apart of the CAS programme. I would like to be involved with rock climbing, tech tinkers, and green fingers. The reason I want to be involved with rock climbing is that it is something that challenges me and I get to set the pace that I climb. Something that I would like to learn about is how I as a student can help the environment. The way that I can do this would be through the service that I signed up for, Green Fingers. Something that I have always wanted to try but haven’t tried yet would be airsoft and sky diving.

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