We are coming to the end of season 2 and I feel like I have grown a lot in this service. The reason why I joined this service was that I thought this service was all about playing games and doing activities with the migrant workers. However, after doing all of this research, learning more about the migrant worker’s stories and basically broadening my understanding of the issue at hand, it is evident that my idea of this service was far from the truth/reality of the situation. I thought that I could do what I want and play games/do activities that I wanted to do. However now my idea of this service has shifted, I am now more passionate about the issue and I know that this service isn’t about what I want, but what the migrant workers want/need. Instead of being the type of person who’s voice overpowers the voices of the migrant workers, I have learned that in order for myself to have a better experience, I need to listen to them.

Email drafts of us communicating with the organisation:

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