Reflective Conversation 1

Since the start of the process of writing the EE, I can say that I have gone through a lot of learning and my idea on the whole topic has definitely changed. My original idea for a Geography and Economics world studies essay was “If the world became 100% renewable, how would the local economy here in Singapore be affected”. I chose this topic because I have always felt that renewables are the key to the future of the human race. I discussed this topic with my supervisor and after that meeting, I realized how broad this topic was and decided that I wanted to focus on renewable transportation. So I went and did some more research, and found out that a company known as “Blue SG” have created electric cars that people can rent. These cars use a similar system to Obike and OFO. So now, my essay is revolved around the idea of how practical this system would be for Singapore.


EE Day Exit ticket

One thing that I have learned:

Something that I learned today, would be during the session with Ms. Grigsby in the library. Before, I wasn’t sure how to get information from reliable sources. However, I was introduced to the website “” which is a database in beta with a vast collection of information from reliable sources collected over several years. Something that makes information unreliable would be coming from an unreliable source e.g from twitter or facebook. Reliable information is peer-reviewed which means that the information given is checked by people that work in the relevant area.


What I am proud of:

Something that I am proud of, would be the fact that the research that I had gathered today was all from reliable sources. I feel like the information that I got is more trustworthy. Although, I feel that my original source (blue SG website) is just as reliable.


What I’ll be doing next:

I want to start writing my EE essay. I am planning on writing everything bit by bit (maybe every weekend). By doing this I should be able to complete my EE in a few weeks.

My Experience at the Carnival (MWC) and HOME.

Today, I went to the Carnival, I didn’t manage to find a way in, however, the experience of going to the location was really impactful. The dormitory is located at 34 Mandai Estate, when I was traveling there, I was trying to imagine what the dormitory looked like. I thought that the complex would be open, have some shops nearby and relatively close to places where other Singaporeans live e.g HDBs. However, my idea was so wrong. When I got there, the everything was enclosed in metal fencing, the courtyard where the migrant brothers worked was also enclosed in a metal fence. The quality of the football goals and basketball hoops weren’t very good either. As I circled the complex, I could see that security was of importance there, people needed passes to get in, women could only enter on specific days and times. I also could also get a glimpse of the rooms that the workers stayed in by looking through the windows. It seems that the accommodation is very small and many workers have to squeeze in there. A lot of the workers were participating in the carnival, others were in their rooms and others were sitting around conversing with one another. To me, I felt like the dorms were just a large jail cell.


This brings me to my main take away from home. At HOME, something that stuck and resonated with me would be “What is considered adequate living conditions?”. Would providing a shelter be considered adequate living conditions?. Since the SG Government hasn’t explicitly stated what each contractor has to provide to the workers, they can just use their best guess and decide how much they want to give to their workers.

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