EE Interim Reflection

The research that I conducted was successful in providing me with the academic understanding and context of my research question. At first, it was hard to find information as I didn’t know what I wanted to mention. However, after consultation with different people and reading up on the topic, I managed to come to a consensus. When researching, I learnt many things about the process e.g there was a lot of information that I gathered and had thought it would be useful but ended up not being used in the actual essay. I also learnt about academic sources and how they contain lots of substantial data and evidence which can easily help back up theoretical claims. I had to submit my first draft of my EE twice as the first submission wasn’t very clear in terms of the direction taken. Due to this, I had to re-strategise my approach. Throughout the research process of the EE, my knowledge on this topic has deepened a lot. I have learnt more about the interconnectedness of the global manifestation of this issue and how it impacts us locally in Singapore.

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