Extended Essay Viva Voce

The Extended Essay has finally come to an end, along the way, I learnt many different skills that will help me for University. In Uni, essays will no longer be short I will have to write essays similar to the EE or longer. In order to write a good research essay, I’ll need to incorporate theories learnt from lectures to real-life situations using evidence from reports written by experts in the field.

I have learnt so much and now have a basic understanding on how hard it is for countries to find a solution to problems, as parties may not agree with one another. If I were going to continue this EE, I would want to broaden my research to renewable energy as a whole or focus my understanding and find out more about people’s personal geographies in order to understand why people would not want to purchase electric vehicles.

HS Cross Country Team 19&U A Boys

I joined the HS Cross Country team during the middle of the season. I was convinced by a friend to join in order to train for the NS IPPT 2.4 km run. Before I started Cross Country, my stamina during the 2.4 km run was really bad. I could run fast at the start, but couldn’t maintain it. This made me realise that I needed to work on managing my stamina. In Cross Country, we did a lot of endurance training and 5 km training. Over the course of the activity, I can say that my stamina has improved. I can now run 5km with only 1-2 breaks in between, this shows that I can run for longer periods of time.

I didn’t make the SEASAC team, however, hopefully I will be able to make the Track and Field SEASAC team in any of the runs, as that is what I was aiming to achieve. I am confident that my 2.4km time has improved after all the training at Cross Country.


In my GC, Asian Children’sĀ Education(ACE), we work with an organisation called Jaago located in Bangladesh, to support the kids there and provide them with an education. The reason why this is an issue of global significance is because I believe that education should be accessible to everyone. In our GC, we raise money through events such as the summer festival, and with the money, we sponsor a child for US$27/month or we can donate to the organisation. Currently, we are successfully sponsoring 5 children. With this, we can educate more people and hopefully make peoples lives better.

The reason why I joined this GC would be because I believe that everyone has a right to receive a basic education despite their circumstances. At ACE, I can make a difference and allow a kid to receive an education with the organisation with JAAGO, whether it is by raising awareness amongst students and parents in the school community.

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