HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is an exercise that focuses on short bursts of high-intensity workouts. These workouts are very tough, and I have to persevere through. Over time, the more reps you do, the more the strain on your body and at times, you just want to quit. However, I know that the exercise benefits me greatly, and with everyone there doing all the exercises, I also feel like I should continue, doing the exercises with other people makes you mentally stronger. Not only that, but the idea of getting fitter made me continue showing up to HIIT week after week.

ACE GC Service Expos

During the service expo, we at ACE GC are trying to look for new students in younger years to join the service. In the GC, we spend weeks planning on how we can get those in the younger grades to join so that they can replace the grade 12s who will be leaving. We come up with a series of games that teach people about what we do, we also create a 1 min pitch so that the new students don’t get bored listening to every single thing that we do. This short and concise pitch also makes the service sound even better as we are condensing everything that we do.

Brochure that I created with two other members to let others know who we are working with (Jaago):

HS Basketball 19&U C Boys

I have been playing basketball for less than a year, and since it is my last year, I decided that I wanted to try out for the team. I made the C team, however, I knew that I wasn’t that great of a player. My dribbling with my left hand wasn’t very strong as well as my layups. I decided to work on these areas of the sport by building up arm strength and practising, basic drills over and over again. Now, after some time, I can say that I feel a lot more comfortable dribbling with my left and right hand, as well as laying up from both the left and right sides. However, I still feel like I can work on my execution speed as well as the speed that I run at when dribbling.

Me in a home game

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