Extended Essay Viva Voce

The Extended Essay has finally come to an end, along the way, I learnt many different skills that will help me for University. In Uni, essays will no longer be short I will have to write essays similar to the EE or longer. In order to write a good research essay, I’ll need to incorporate theories learnt from lectures to real-life situations using evidence from reports written by experts in the field.

I have learnt so much and now have a basic understanding on how hard it is for countries to find a solution to problems, as parties may not agree with one another. If I were going to continue this EE, I would want to broaden my research to renewable energy as a whole or focus my understanding and find out more about people’s personal geographies in order to understand why people would not want to purchase electric vehicles.

EE Interim Reflection

The research that I conducted was successful in providing me with the academic understanding and context of my research question. At first, it was hard to find information as I didn’t know what I wanted to mention. However, after consultation with different people and reading up on the topic, I managed to come to a consensus. When researching, I learnt many things about the process e.g there was a lot of information that I gathered and had thought it would be useful but ended up not being used in the actual essay. I also learnt about academic sources and how they contain lots of substantial data and evidence which can easily help back up theoretical claims. I had to submit my first draft of my EE twice as the first submission wasn’t very clear in terms of the direction taken. Due to this, I had to re-strategise my approach. Throughout the research process of the EE, my knowledge on this topic has deepened a lot. I have learnt more about the interconnectedness of the global manifestation of this issue and how it impacts us locally in Singapore.

Reflective Conversation 1

Since the start of the process of writing the EE, I can say that I have gone through a lot of learning and my idea on the whole topic has definitely changed. My original idea for a Geography and Economics world studies essay was “If the world became 100% renewable, how would the local economy here in Singapore be affected”. I chose this topic because I have always felt that renewables are the key to the future of the human race. I discussed this topic with my supervisor and after that meeting, I realized how broad this topic was and decided that I wanted to focus on renewable transportation. So I went and did some more research, and found out that a company known as “Blue SG” have created electric cars that people can rent. These cars use a similar system to Obike and OFO. So now, my essay is revolved around the idea of how practical this system would be for Singapore.


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