In my GC, Asian Children’sĀ Education(ACE), we work with an organisation called Jaago located in Bangladesh, to support the kids there and provide them with an education. The reason why this is an issue of global significance is because I believe that education should be accessible to everyone. In our GC, we raise money through events such as the summer festival, and with the money, we sponsor a child for US$27/month or we can donate to the organisation. Currently, we are successfully sponsoring 5 children. With this, we can educate more people and hopefully make peoples lives better.

The reason why I joined this GC would be because I believe that everyone has a right to receive a basic education despite their circumstances. At ACE, I can make a difference and allow a kid to receive an education with the organisation with JAAGO, whether it is by raising awareness amongst students and parents in the school community.

Tech Tinkers

For this aspect of CAS, I signed up for a college service called tech tinkers. I have been a part of this service since grade 11 and this year, I am one of the leaders running the activity. The reason why this tackles issues of a global significance is because of E-waste. In a day and age where technology is becoming more integrated into our everyday lives, technology that is obsolete will be disregarded and disposed of. At tech tinkers, we reduce E-waste in our school community. We accept donations of old technological devices such as phones, tablets and laptops. Once we receive the donations, we refurbish them into working condition and donate them to those that need it. E.g in Grade 11, we fixed a bunch of laptops, phones, DS and tablets for a project week group to donate to the kids at Blue Dragon.


In the world, we are using more and more technology, and this generates more waste that is harmful to the world. By joining tech tinkers, I have managed to take in old technology, refurbish them, and redistribute them to communities that would greatly appreciate the technology.

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