September 20

Nature vs Nurture

I believe that nature is the genetic inheritance from your biological parents, for example, your eye colour, curly or straight hair and the pigment of your skin etc. I personally think that I have inherited some genes from my biological parents. But I also believe that not everything you have is from your nature side or biological parents, nurture also plays an important role in your life. According to the Bobo doll video, Nurture is the things/activities you see around your surroundings and that you learn from it and also the communication and the interactions you have with different people. The nature vs nurture conflict is a  conflict between two group ideologies of what you inherit from your biological parent and what you have learnt. After hearing different perspectives from different people, I believe that nature and nurture both play an important part in your life which makes up the type of person you are and what you believe in as a person. To conclude, before hearing these different perspectives I used to believe that nature is more important than nurture, but now all those different perspectives have made me change my mind and that is both nature and nurture are really important. 

September 7

The Goals of a Society

Do you believe all societies in the world, including your own, can achieve their goals? What may be some obstacles they face? Explain.

Yes, I believe that realistic goals are not impossible for societies and every individual to reach or achieve. However, if a society wants to achieve their goals it’s really gonna depend on what kind of people they are. Achieving a goal really depends on an individual’s  characteristics and behaviourism. A wise man once said that “THE SEEMINGLY IMPOSSIBLE CAN BE POSSIBLE”. I believe that goals are not impossible to reach or achieve but if you don’t have the right mind set and the right character, then it would be near impossible for you to reach that goal. These kinds of bad behaviour can be some obstacles they would face but I believe that they can still reach their goals if they change those bad behaviours to good ones. So as in conclusion, I do think that if an individual doesn’t fully trust themselves, they would really have a hard time to think beyond or to plan ahead for what is best for them.


“If you’re in poverty, everything is about survival and having food”. – Hans Rosling