November 22

Reflection And Assessment: The Trading Game

In our envelope, we were missing some of the really important resources like scissors, ruler, compass, etc. My group started the task with lots of paper, four pencils and $200. We spent almost ten minutes trying to acquire scissors so we could cut out our different shapes. It was really challenging to find a group that would trade or shares scissors with us. Once we found a way to share scissors with another group, we started cutting out our shapes as fast as we can. We were very efficient on the first half of the game that we were leading, But when it comes to the second half  we were falling behind everyone else because we were sharing the scissors, so it was really hard to cut out all our shapes at once, since the other group also need to use the scissors.At the end, we found out that we came last but we tried our very best.and how some country

I’m not quite sure what our group supposes to represent, but I think our group was a low economically developed country( LEDC) with some natural resources that are really important. According to all of the group, we have the most pencils. So we did not know that if we trade the pencil with something that we need, we would actually get it because everyone needs the pencil to draw with, in order for them to cut out their shapes. We really did have a lot of pencils, but we didn’t know how important it will be to other group until it was too late, but we still manage to trade with some things.

We represented a LEDC country and lacked a lot of the tools that we need in order to turn our natural resources into money. We didn’t have any scissors, ruler or compasses. We went to other NIC or MEDC group to trade what we had for something that we need. None of the group were willing to trade but we were lucky enough that one group decided to share the scissors with us. We started making really good money on that first half of the game.

I personally think that this is a true reflection on world trade as the papers represents the natural resources  and the tools (scissors,pencils,etc) represents the technology and other different skilful things. All this shows what a country has and how people started off with very different amount of money. It also shows the disparity between two countries in the world and how some countries natural resources don’t have the means to turn their natural resources into making money. The game is also  accurate as it takes into to demand of the world trade the prices of the things would change if too many people were making the same products.