January 11

What it’s Truly Like to Experience War ?

Norman had said that “The only way to recapture the experience of war on film is to put a machine gun behind the screen and gun down the audience.” [Norman]

To what extent can a movie show us what it is like to experience war? 

I think a lot of people has a different idea to others about what war really means, and this is from watching war movies, documentaries and reading different articles or book about war. When we watch war movie we have a different expectation or idea of what is it like. We may have known how the war might look like but we cannot recapture the feeling of being on the battlefield, the different things that we think in our mind when we see dead bodies everywhere, the smell of the rotten bodies of it all. People who sit in the cinema do not or cannot have the same emotion as to what the men and women on the battlefield are feeling because they feel like they are safe and they don’t have to worry about anything.  Without having to go through a war, there is no true way to recapture completely what it’s really like. Nowadays, the movie industries and other resources are allowing to be more informed of what war is really like.

According to what Norman said, I partly agree with it, because of the “recapturing of war”, but I don’t agree with what he said about putting a machine gun behind the screen and gun down the audience. I think it’s a little too much, but I truly understand what he meant by that. I think what he means is that people shouldn’t be really getting information about war just by watching war movies but to hear the true meaning of what war really is. Personally, I don’t like to watch war movies and all that, but after hearing all different opinions from different people it has led me to this question.

“What do you think it’s truly like to experience war.”?  

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