February 28

Who Lives, and Who dies

When Hitler invaded his German troops surrounded the city of Leningrad and put it under a 900 day siege. Leningrad was cut off from the rest of the Soviet Union, and unable to get constant resources for a while. Men, women, and children died of starvation, some were said to  have turned to cannibalism. The limited amount of food that was available was distributed with ration cards, but there was not enough for everyone which led to starvation

Throughout the siege, ration coupons got distribute to people, but the amount of food distributed was not enough for many families. If the soldiers stave or become weak then the Germans could get inside the city and kill everyone. I believe that the children, soldiers, and mothers should receive the most amount of food, since the mothers would really know how to share the food at a time like these and the children, mostly teenagers has a high chance of surviving then most of the people in the siege. Over the time of the siege more and more people died and the population kept decreasing making it very difficult to know how many people were still alive. People were dying or just going missing, leaving people not knowing whether they were dead or alive.

How would you choose who lives and who dies?

What would you do at an extreme condition like this? Would you be greedy and keep all the food to yourself? or Give out the food to the people who need it?