September 25


I am Malakai Tuima, a Grade 11 IB student at UWCSEA East Campus. I’d like to think that I am a people’s person. I am someone who is never afraid to try new things in life. I am always open to new challenges. I often find myself actually liking the new things I try even when I have never tried them before. They see me as a very happy and outgoing person, a very fun person to hang out with (at least that’s what some people have told me). I see myself¬†as someone who cares for others, especially friends or family. Someone who always find a way to overcome challenges in any positive way possible. I also see myself as someone who is always very eager to learn, very determined. I don’t really think¬†that I am associated with a certain group of people because I am a very positive and open-minded person. I am mostly just connected to my friends and family, my Fijian colleagues, but I really enjoy meeting new people, because I think that every individual is really interested in their own unique way.

I will use the things I have learned in PSE to help me with my future collaborative works. It can an individual or in groups.



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