October 24

Culturama- First Run through

On our first run through it went absolutely amazing, everyone knew the choreography, but there was one thing missing from the dancers, which is ENERGY. In an African dance piece, it is really important to have energy. We also had a bit of problem with our ending of the music. So we changed it around a little bit, edit a bit more. And then it was all good.

In this run through we try to finalize everything. Making sure we have everything done, whether it’s music, costume, makeup etc. And one of the most important thing that we try to focus on during this run through was Positioning/Formation. It was very difficult because it was really hard to come up with 4 different formations and transition for 20 people where everyone should be able to be seen. But with the help of Ms.Thomas, we were able to come up with something that was gonna work for everyone.


Rendered Image

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